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 user 2005-04-08 at 11:18:00 am Views: 65
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    Saipan Volcano Erupts Over Pacific Islands

    SAIPAN, Northern Mariana Islands (April 05) – Anatahan
    Volcano erupted Wednesday morning, shooting a thick plume of ash 50,000 feet
    into the air and darkening the skies over this tiny U.S. territory in the

    Officials have placed Anatahan Island off limits until
    further notice, advising aircraft to exercise caution and avoid coming within 10
    nautical miles of the area.

    Ronald Dela Cruz of the Saipan Emergency Management Office
    said children were sent home early from school as ash fell on Saipan and Tinian,
    but there were no injuries or major disruptions reported.

    Gov. Juan N. Babauta issued a health advisory, urging
    residents with lung problems to stay indoors and warning people against drinking
    water contaminated with ash. Motorists were told to avoid driving in heavy ash,
    because it could clog engines and stall vehicles.

    The eruption is at least the fourth in the past two years.
    The Northern Mariana Islands, about 3,800 miles southwest of Hawaii, have nine
    active volcanoes. They are home to about 70,000 people.