K M’S NEW Simitri Color Polymerized Toner

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K M’S NEW Simitri Color Polymerized Toner

 user 2005-04-11 at 9:59:00 am Views: 79
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    Konica Minolta Business Solutions

    The company will feature its bizhub and bizhub PRO
    family of digital printers and MFPs, including the bizhub C350 and the bizhub
    PRO C500. The bizhub C350 has copy and print speeds of 35 pages per minute (ppm)
    B&W and 22-ppm color, blending the capabilities of a fully featured
    monochrome system with the image quality and the graphic arts functionality of a
    color system in a single device. In addition, the standard configuration for the
    bizhub C350 includes a built-in PCL print controller, networking and advanced
    scanning capabilities, enabling users to proof and print, digitize, distribute,
    address, store, share, manage, track, and secure.

    The bizhub PRO C500 outputs 50 full-color and B&W pages
    per minute, with a maximum duty cycle of 150,000 pages per month and tandem
    color processing. Both units use Konica Minolta Simitri Color Polymerized Toner,
    which was developed to maintain the uniformity of the toner particles for more
    even distribution, better halftone definition, and better solid fills, and the
    bizhub PRO C500 features an enhanced version.