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 user 2005-04-13 at 4:32:00 pm Views: 109
  • #8820


    Shane Larson is a crook who is looking for some
    quick money and by doing this he likes to use a collection program such
    as Printronic (Empties 4 Cash)..

    Shane Larson is obviously in this business and knows other brokers
    to make more money than sending them to a collection program but thats
    not the case here. Shane is looking to dump rejects on Empties 4 cash..
    Printronic (Empties 4 Cash) is a great company to deal with and I agree
    with Lasersense that we need more of these kind of companies in our
    industry rather than crooks like Shane Larson and his buddies inkasap
    which is Surplus Sourcing.


    No, they aren’t rejects! I never sent them to any other broker! I do
    not know of anyone else that pays that amount for those, so I sent
    those to them! If you pay that amount please let me know, trust me they
    were not rejects! So don’t go assuming things like that next time!!