HP 1200/1300 FUSERS

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HP 1200/1300 FUSERS

 user 2005-04-15 at 10:35:00 am Views: 63
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    Metrofuser Releases Repair Solutions For 1200 and 1300 Printers

    parts remanufacturer and distributor Metrofuser is now remanufacturing
    the HP LaserJet 1200 Fuser and the 1300 fusers. The fuser is available
    for the economical repair and return or the convenient advance exchange
    service options. The fusers are widely used in the following Hewlett
    Packard models:

      1200 Fuser

    1300 Fuser

    Part Numbers


    OLD # RM1-0535
    NEW # RM1-0560


    1000 1300/1300N
    3300,3310,3320,3330 MFP 1150
    1200, 1200se, 1200n, 1220, 1220se  

    About Metrofuser
    is a parts remanufacturer and distributor specializing in Laser Imaging
    Technologies. Metrofuser provides repair and assembly solutions for
    PCB’s and Mechanical Components. Minutes from New York City
    Metrofuser touches the northeast like no one else. The company’s
    location helps maximize time to market objectives while minimizing
    procurement, materials management, and logistic costs. Visit http://www.metrofuser.com for more information.

    Will DeMuth