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    Canon USA celebrates Earth Day 2005
    U.S.A. will commemorate Earth Day and the company’s commitment to a sustainable
    environment with employees at its Long Island, New York, headquarters on Friday,
    April 22. Canon U.S.A. The Canon Earth Day celebration will feature
    participation by Yellowstone National Park and the Yellowstone Park Foundation
    (Eyes on Yellowstone is made possible by Canon – an educational and research
    program), NATURE Series with PBS (supported by Canon U.S.A. since 1990), the
    Canon National Parks Science Scholars Program (the only program that encourages
    doctoral students to conduct innovative research on scientific problems critical
    to national parks) and Canon Envirothon.

    National Environmental Education
    Canon also
    supports a national initiative described as the single largest environmental
    education event in U.S. history. April 10-16, National Environ-mental Education
    Week will enhance the educational impact of Earth Day and create a full week of
    environmental education preparation, learning and activities in K-12 classrooms,
    nature centers, zoos, museums. EE Week is coordinated by the National
    Environmental Education & Training Foundation in cooperation with hundreds
    of environmental education organizations.

    Earth Day 2005 –
    Organisations to participate

    Organizations from Canon’s Long Island
    headquarters region that will participate in the company’s Earth Day events
    include the Theodore Roosevelt Sanctuary and Audubon Center in Oyster Bay, Cold
    Spring Harbor Fish Hatchery & Aquarium, The Riverhead Foundation for Marine
    Research and Preservation, and the Long Island Envirothon. Canon’s recycling,
    waste reduction and environmental conservation programs have been developed in
    the spirit of the company’s philosophy of kyosei -all people, regardless of
    race, religion, or culture, harmoniously living and working together into the

    Earth Day 2005 – Canon recycling program
    In 1990,
    Canon created the first worldwide toner cartridge collection and recycling
    program for printers and copiers. In the U.S., Canon has forged relationships
    with many national and regional organizations at the vanguard of environmental
    conservation and education. This year’s Earth Day events will celebrate the 2005
    ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year -Manufacturer award that Canon received from the
    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. This award recognized Canon’s outstanding
    contributions to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by designing and promoting
    energy-efficient products.

    Earth Day 2005 – Canon Clean Earth

    The Earth Day celebration also will mark the beginning of a new
    season for the Canon Clean Earth Crew. Through this program, Canon employees
    volunteer their time for conservation efforts at parks, beaches and nature
    preserves in communities nationwide. Since 1996, Canon employees have
    volunteered thousands of hours to maintain these public areas. Canon operations
    in Atlanta, Washington DC, and Irvine and San Jose in California also will
    commemorate Earth Day with various activities during April.

    Canon USA
    environmental programs and alliances

    An educational and research
    program, Eyes on Yellowstone is made possible by Canon. Funding for the
    Yellowstone Park Foundation assists with important scientific research and
    breaks new ground in conservation, endangered species protection and the
    application of cutting-edge science and technology that is essential to managing
    park wildlife and ecosystems. Canon technology also is used for education to
    increase public access to the wonder and magic of one of the most recognizable
    and popular parks in the world ( and to
    raise awareness about the importance of environmental protection and

    Canon USA environmental science and park management

    Canon National Parks Science Scholars Program develops the next generation
    of scientists working in the fields of conservation, environmental science and
    park management. It is the first and only program of its kind to encourage
    doctoral students to conduct innovative research on scientific problems critical
    to national parks. Established in 1997, the program expanded in 2002 to include
    students and national parks throughout the Americas. These scientists will
    learn, discover, invent and create solutions to preserve the national parks in
    the 21st Century. The program is underwritten and supported by Canon U.S.A.
    Other collaborating organizations are the American Association for the
    Advancement of Science and the National Park Service.