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 user 2005-04-18 at 9:39:00 am Views: 99
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    Russian OP industry celebrates its finest

    April 2005–Moscow (RUS):The Russian OP
    industry celebrated its top achievers at the second annual Russian office
    products awards in Moscow.

    The gala event, organised by the Association
    of Manufacturers & Resellers of Office & Stationery Products in Russia
    (APKOR), brought together award winners from as far afield as Vladivostok in the
    far east to Yekaterinburg and Nizhny Novgorod in central Russia, and to Moscow
    and St Petersburg in the country’s west.

    The top prizes of office
    products reseller of the year were taken by Moscow-based Proburo in the $40
    million plus category, Gruppa Tovarisch in the $20 million to $40 million
    category and E-Bazaar in the $20 million and less category. Other winners
    included Moscow-based contract stationer Pragmatic Express, national wholesaler
    Bureaucrat and Novosibirsk-based contract stationer F1.

    APKOR President
    Leonid Spiridonoff said: “Some people were initially critical of the awards but
    have since said that they had underestimated how highly valued they have already
    become, especially outside Moscow. Two years is a relatively short period of
    time but it has already got a certain level of brand awareness and respect.”

    The event, which coincided with Skrepka Expo office products exhibition,
    was attended by approximately 230 people including a number of international
    companies such as Esselte, Canon, International Paper and GBC, and is already
    looking set for an even bigger year in 2006.

    The decision-making process
    was split into a national panel and also regional panels with 28 awards handed
    out in all reflecting Russia’s vast geography as well as channel differences.