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 user 2005-04-20 at 11:44:00 am Views: 121
  • #8990

    Staples On A Quest For Next Great Office Product Invention
    Launches Search for Products that Make Work Life Easier

    Imagine sitting at your desk without a stapler, Post-it(TM) Notes or even a
    paperclip. Ordinary people created these great office products to make their
    work life easier. Do you have an idea for the next easy office product? Today,
    Staples (Nasdaq: SPLS) launches its annual Staples Invention Quest(TM), offering
    customers the opportunity to invent the next great office product and
    potentially have it sold by the company.

    Last year Staples Invention
    Quest(TM) garnered more than 8,300 entries, four of which are about to hit
    Staples shelves and make the work day easier. This year’s search comes on the
    heels of some eye opening research recently commissioned by Staples. The
    research shows that 44 percent of the 1,000 office workers surveyed, stated they
    have had an idea for a new product but did not know how to bring that idea to

    “People gravitate towards things that make their lives
    easier,” said Art Fry inventor of the Post-it(TM) Notes. “Staples Invention
    Quest is an extraordinary opportunity for everyday people to bring their ideas
    to life without having to go through the laborious process most inventors have
    to endure. The simple fact is, Staples is making it easier for customers to
    bring their new office product ideas to market.”

    Staples Invention Quest(TM)

    Staples Invention Quest(TM) is an open invitation across
    the U.S. for would-be inventors to have the chance to make their office product
    idea a reality. Multiple finalists’ products may be brought to market under the
    Staples brand and sold exclusively by Staples in its 1,200 U.S. stores and on A panel of judges will select the best office product entry and the
    winner will receive $25,000 and royalties if Staples brings the winning product
    to its shelves. Nine semi-finalists will be awarded cash prizes of $5,000 and
    the possibility to have their idea created and sold by Staples.

    “Staples goal, in everything we do, is to make things
    easier for our customers,” said Jevin Eagle, senior vice president of Staples
    Brands for Staples, Inc. “Staples Invention Quest is a great way for the public
    to tap into their innovative spirit and come up with new, creative office
    products which make work and life easier.”

    Last year Todd Basche, of Los Altos, California, won the
    inaugural Staples Invention Quest(TM) with his WordLock(TM) product. The
    WordLock(TM), which will appear in Staples stores nationwide and on
    this summer, is a lock that allows users to select their own word combination
    using letters rather then the traditional number combinations.

    The deadline to enter is June 1, 2005 and the winner will
    be announced fall 2005. Anyone with an idea can enter Staples Invention
    Quest(TM) at any Staples U.S. store or log onto for an entry form and
    complete list of rules and regulations.

    Americans certainly see the value in office products that
    make their work lives easier. In fact, according to the recent Braun research
    survey conducted by Staples, almost three-fourths, 72 percent, of respondents
    think what makes an office product great is that it makes work and life

    Staples Braun Research Survey

    According to the Braun survey of 1,000 working Americans
    commissioned by Staples, the following statistics hold true:

        * The most frequently stolen item from peoples' desks is a pen (59
    * 28 percent of respondents say the calculator is the greatest office
    product invention of all-time. Sticky notes came in second capturing 21
    percent of the vote.
    * Pens and wireless phones tied at 23 percent as the respondents' most
    important office products.
    For complete fact sheet of survey results visit

    About Staples Brands

    Staples offers its customers more than 1,000
    Staples brand office products in stores, and through catalogs.
    Products range from ink and toner to paper, filing systems and technology
    accessories. All Staples products undergo an intense independent laboratory
    quality-testing program and are 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed.