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 user 2005-04-20 at 11:49:00 am Views: 72
  • #8993

    Siemens and Canon become strategically partners

    Camera phones – Great acceptance

    phones are enjoying great acceptance on a global base”, said Jens-Thomas
    Pietralla Chief Marketing Officer of Siemens Communications. “Camera phones with
    increased camera resolution and convincing picture quality, such as the Siemens
    S65 and SF65, are opening the market for new imaging experiences, paving the way
    for the convergence between the photo and communications industries. The
    partner-ship with Canon represents a valuable milestone in Siemens’ mobile
    imaging. ”

    Siemens – Printing images directly from the camera

    Images captured with Siemens high-resolution camera phones are
    sent directly to the printer via standard connectivity technologies like IrDA or
    Bluetooth technologies to produce high quality prints. Sharing pictures and
    photo albums is easier with this new compatibility of technology. Images taken
    with Siemens camera phones can be printed in any location thanks to the
    transportability of the lightweight printers. The images which offer a
    resolution of up to 1.3 mega pixels can be printed with a superb quality using
    Canon inkjet printers .

    Canon – Inkjet printers are the ideal

    “Canon inkjet printers are the ideal choice for printing photos
    captured with camera phones. Our lineup of photo-quality inkjet printers can
    produce prints in sizes from credit card to standard photo formats, satisfying a
    wide range of printing demands”, said Yutaka Komiya, Deputy Chief Executive of
    Canon Inc.’s Inkjet Products Operations. “At Canon, we aim to contribute to the
    expansion of mobile devices that can be used in connection with our printers,
    and to enhancing print content to meet the ever-evolving needs of our users. I
    believe that this partnership with Siemens will open the door to new and
    exciting possibilities for Canon inkjet printers”.