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 user 2005-04-21 at 10:17:00 am Views: 70
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    Paper No Longer First Choice for Document Storage

    over 50% of the pages printed
    on MFPs are from e-mail messages or the Internet.

    (Weymouth, MA) AprIL, 2005…In a new research study entitled The Future
    of the Document in the Workgroup Environment
    , analysts examine the changing
    dynamics of the office document and its impact on customer requirements and
    usage patterns.

    A Connected and Digital Workplace Environment
    “We are working in an
    increasingly connected and digital environment, we have moved into a virtual and
    collaborative workplace, where the office workflow and information processing is
    becoming central to defining the total product solution,” commented Rick
    Clayton, a Director at InfoTrends/CAP Ventures. “Manufacturers need to be aware
    of these trends and offer the products and solutions that will accommodate the
    changing needs of the market.”

    As the number of documents that are placed on the network continues to
    increase, the demand for solutions that help manage and control the process will
    become of paramount importance to end-users as well as overall organizations.
    This means that sales organizations must be proactive in accessing,
    recommending, and implementing robust solutions that create added value for
    various hardware devices.

    Key research findings include:

    • The size of the workgroup is changing on both ends of the spectrum. As more
    companies consolidate, workgroups at the corporate level are getting larger,
    while virtual offices and telecommuters are reducing the size of workgroups at
    the lower end of the spectrum.

    • Research findings certainly suggest that the document process and its
    management will become more of a priority for office workers in the United

    • Scanning, which was once used primarily by production print facilities, has
    become a mainstream office application as organizations are expected to convert
    paper-based documents to electronic format.

    • The majority of office documents that are reproduced are still being
    created at the desktop. Roughly 38.6% of respondents indicated that the paper
    they print is generated from the PC. e-Mail output accounted for 29.2% of total
    volume and Web pages represented 21.5% of total volume.

    • Paper is no longer the media of choice. It has become a transient media and
    will no longer be used as a mainstream method of maintaining permanent records.
    The report indicates that over 50% of the pages printed on MFPs are from e-mail
    messages or the Internet.