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 user 2005-04-25 at 9:30:00 am Views: 92
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    Make Your Printer Ink Last

    April, 2005 
    printer is a lot like a razor. The appliance is the cheap part, it’s the refills
    that run up the cost.

    If you want to save money on ink and toner you need to think big.

    For example, I have a Brother laser printer in my home office. I can get the
    TN-430 toner cartridge that yields up to 3,000 copies for $50 (which works out
    to 1.6 cents per copy) or the TN-460 that yields up to 6,000 copies for $70
    (which makes the per copy cost 1.1 cents per copy). You know which one I buy;
    the bigger size.

    Same thing with ink jet cartridges; you get a better deal if you buy more

    For my HP ink jet printer I can get the color cartridge that yields about 450
    pages for $35 or the cartridge that produces more than twice as many pages for
    only $55. By thinking big, I save a half-cent for each page I print.

    With as much as I print, that savings really adds up over time. You can also
    save with twin-packs. A single HP black ink cartridge is $30, the twin-pack is
    $53, which brings the per cartridge price down to $26.50.

    Tell Your Printer To Use Less Ink

    One simple way to reduce your printing costs is set your printer to the
    “draft” or “ink saver” mode.

    This “economy” setting reduces the amount of ink or toner laid down. This is
    really good way to run a trial print of a picture or color document before you
    print the real thing.

    Don’t Panic When The Warning Light Comes On

    Don’t change the cartridge as soon as you get a low-level alert. You may be
    able to get hundreds of extra copies, especially if you don’t care how pretty
    they look.

    And don’t be in a rush to change the toner cartridge on your laser printer as
    soon as you see streaks in your printouts. There may be plenty of toner left,
    just not in the right places.

    So, do what PC World magazine calls the “toner slow dance.” Take the
    cartridge out of the printer and slowly rock it end-to-end and then to-and-fro a
    few times. Then reinsert the cartridge. You may get hundreds more copies before
    you really run out of toner. That’s what I do.

    What To Do With Those Empty Cartridges

    Recycle them. Many stores have recycle bins.

    Or do what I do, take your empty HP or Lexmark ink cartridges back to Office
    Depot and they’ll give you $2.50 off your next purchase of any ink, toner, or
    fax product in the store. It’s a great deal. Limit one per visit. This promotion
    could end at any time.