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 user 2005-04-26 at 9:59:00 am Views: 92
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    Lexmark’s Boulder facility receives ISO 14001

    - Lexmark extends its
    commitment to strong environmental stewardship by achieving certification at a
    seventh plant -

    LEXINGTON, Ky., April 05 — Lexmark International, Inc. today
    announced that the Lexmark manufacturing plant in Boulder, Colo., producing
    toner and photoconductor drums for its laser printer cartridges, is the latest
    of the company’s facilities to receive ISO 14001 certification of its
    environmental management system.

    “The accomplishment in Boulder is another important milestone in our
    continuing effort to be a model citizen in corporate environmental
    responsibility,” said Paul J. Curlander, Lexmark chairman and chief executive

    Boulder is the seventh Lexmark facility to be ISO certified, joining Lexmark
    facilities in Orleans, France; Rosyth, Scotland; Cebu, Philippines; Chihuahua,
    Mexico; Juarez, Mexico; and Lexington, Ky., United States.

    A record of accomplishment

    In 1995, Lexmark’s Orleans facility was one of the first three organizations
    in France to receive certification to the ISO 14001-1996 standard. The company’s
    Lexington, Ky., headquarters earned a similar mark of distinction in December
    2004 by being one of the first organizations in the United States to receive
    certification under the new ISO 14001-2004 standard, released in October 2004.
    It is also the first to be certified to the new standard by Underwriters
    Laboratory, the ISO registrar for the Lexington facility.

    Lexmark’s facilities in Lexington and Cebu have qualified for OHSAS 18001
    certification, a standard that is growing in influence as a recognized global
    best practice for health and safety management. The Lexington implementation was
    simultaneous with its ISO 14001 implementation. The company believes the
    integration of the environmental and the health and safety management systems
    yields a more efficient approach for continual improvement in these two
    important areas.

    Third party certification of Lexmark’s environmental management and its
    health and safety management systems is integral to its environmental program,
    focused on three key areas:

         - The way the company designs its products and services
    Lexmark is an environmentally responsible provider of products
    and services, from the way it designs with the environment in
    mind to how it engineers packages to its innovative printer and
    cartridge collection programs.

    - The way the company manages resources
    Lexmark is a good environmental steward of natural resources by
    practicing energy conservation and waste minimization.

    - The way the company's employees live and work
    Lexmark is an environmentally responsible neighbor and employer,
    which is why the company has industry-leading environmental
    management systems, consistently adheres to regulatory compliance
    and seeks community partnerships.

    About Lexmark

    Lexmark International, Inc. makes it easier for businesses and consumers to
    move information between the digital and paper worlds. Since its inception in
    1991, Lexmark has become a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of
    printing and imaging solutions for customers in more than 150 countries. Lexmark
    reported $5.3 billion in
    revenue in 2004