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 user 2005-05-01 at 10:00:00 am Views: 73
  • #9288

    Xerox Expands Color Frontier with Its New
    Solid-Ink MFP

    “We are here to talk about color,” proclaimed Anne Mulcahy,
    chairman and chief executive officer of Xerox, in her opening remarks to an
    audience that included customers, partners, and media in San Francisco on March
    30. And talk Xerox did. First, the firm discussed its color strategy—past,
    present, and future—and then it focused on the science of color, the value of
    color, and lastly Xerox’s new solid-ink color MFP, the WorkCentre C2424, which
    encapsulates all of Xerox’s beliefs about color.

    Mulcahy discussed the
    current state of color printing at Xerox in terms of technology, market share,
    and product introductions. After she concluded her remarks, Bill Nye, better
    known as “Bill Nye, the Science Guy,” host of a long-running TV series of the
    same name, talked about his love of the “art and science of color.” Nye also
    moderated several panels comprised of Xerox customers who talked about their
    experiences using Xerox color products in their businesses. After an hour of
    talking about how businesses put Xerox color products to work, customer
    testimonials gave way to the main attraction—the WorkCentre C2424.

    Rise, vice president and general manager of the Printer Business Unit in Xerox’s
    Office Group, talked briefly about the groundbreaking role of this product and
    then, assisted by Nye, conducted a demonstration of the C2424. To emphasize the
    environmental friendliness of the firm’s solid-ink technology, Rise played a
    video of its launch of the Phaser 8400 in New York City last year. At that
    event, Xerox vividly compared the small amount of waste generated by the Phaser
    8400 over its life with the large amount of waste generated by the HP Color
    LaserJet 4600. A young girl could tote a lifetime of supplies for the Phaser
    8400 in a little red wagon, but a whole crew was needed to haul in supplies for
    the HP product. Finally, building on one of last year’s themes—ease of use—Rise
    invited the same girl to help demonstrate how easy it is to simultaneously
    print, copy, and scan using the WorkCentre C2424.