*NEWS*Inkjets Dominate U.S.Printer Market

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*NEWS*Inkjets Dominate U.S.Printer Market

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    Inkjets Dominate U.S. Printer Market

    Color Fuels Copier Growth
    Data published in the document entitled
    Preliminary U.S. Copier Market Placements for 2004 indicates that the production
    segment for copiers grew an astounding 73% between 2003 and 2004, while the
    personal and workgroup segments declined slightly. Color segments represent the
    brightest spot in the copier market, with workgroup color and production color
    increasing 47% and 241%, respectively. This growth was fueled by the high number
    of color-enabled product introductions throughout 2004.

    “Clearly, a key area of focus in the color market is the office environment,”
    commented Rick Clayton, a Director of DPS at InfoTrends/CAP Ventures. “Copier
    vendors see a real opportunity in the office for the migration of black &
    white pages to color and also bringing color work in-house when it had
    previously been outsourced.”

    Inkjets Dominate U.S. Printer Market
    Placements within the U.S.
    printer market increased from 28.6 million units in 2003 to 30.3 million units
    in 2004. The data released in the document entitled Preliminary U.S. Printer and
    Printer-Based MFP Placements for 2004 reveals inkjet technology is dominating
    this market, accounting for 25.9 million unit placements during 2004.

    Color page printer placements experienced an impressive 56% year-over-year
    growth, rising to 563,495 units in 2004. For the same period, monochrome
    printers grew at a rate of 3%. This can largely be attributed to the growth of
    monochrome multifunctional printers.

    Fax Market Struggling
    InfoTrends/CAP Ventures’ report entitled
    Preliminary U.S. Fax Placements for 2004 indicates that 2004 fax placements
    experienced a shift from the personal segment to the mid-volume workgroup
    segment as a result of lower pricing and increased functionality for products in
    the workgroup segment. Most new models introduced in 2004 were within the
    mid-volume workgroup segment, which experienced a 1.2% growth over 2003

    “The U.S. facsimile market continues to struggle, evidenced by the slight
    decline in year-over-year unit placements,” commented Clayton. “Today, the
    majority of copier-based segment 1 and 2 devices and multifunctional workgroup
    printers include built-in fax capabilities, which are heavily impacting overall
    fax placements.”

    Each document includes InfoTrends/CAP Ventures’ 2004 estimates for U.S.
    placements of either printer, copier, or facsimile products. The reports also
    include year-over-year market share statistics. InfoTrends/CAP Ventures intends
    to publish its comprehensive 2004 – 2009 forecasts on these markets this