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 user 2005-05-02 at 12:10:00 pm Views: 68
  • #9213

    Think Ink !

    This franchisee is making his mark with a
    printer cartridgeS

    A store selling ink cartridges and refills may not seem like a favorite
    shopping destination, but as the world becomes more dependent on technology, a
    printer cartridge shop is becoming the place to be. Not only are customers
    attracted to the idea of recycling ink cartridges to save the environment, but
    they also like cutting costs.

    For Cartridge World franchisee Al Steigerwalt, the opportunity to participate
    in this industry has been a golden one–and one he has been excited about ever
    since purchasing his franchise in October 2003. “We’re catching the beginning of
    the trend,” he explains. “I see people continuing to print for a long time, and,
    as printing changes, how we help to refill cartridges will also evolve.”

    But Steigerwalt, 53, does more than just meet a demand. This former CFO has
    made his Columbus, Ohio location appealing by creating a friendly atmosphere.
    Two 3-foot-high bobble-heads, one of the Ohio State University (OSU) mascot,
    Brutus Buckeye, and the other of football legend Woody Hayes, stand in the
    entrance, making OSU fans feel right at home. And customers with sweet tooths
    can find a jar of lollipops at the counter, a tradition Steigerwalt adopted
    during his training at the original store in Adelaide, Australia.

    In July 2004, Steigerwalt opened his second store and projects 2005 combined
    sales to reach between $400,000 and $500,000. These days, both Steigerwalt and
    his customers leave the store happy. “It’s given me a lot of satisfaction,” he
    says. “And I’m having a blast doing it.”