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 user 2005-05-05 at 10:01:00 am Views: 73
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    Lexmark Colors World For

    MAI, 2005

    Lexmark International on Monday will drop prices on its
    color line of printers to match pricing on existing monochrome printers in a
    move that essentially means color printers will no longer be sold at a premium
    over monochrome printers.

    The Lexmark 510 color laster printer will be priced at $499, and the network
    edition of that printer will be priced at $799.

    The price changes make permanent some recent promotions that Lexmark has been
    running where the two printers were sold for $399 and $699, respectively.

    Since running those promotions, Lexmark has seen significant growth in the
    color printer category, company executives said.

    “We are already seeing triple-digit growth around color printers,” said John
    Linton, vice president of the solution provider channel at Lexmark.

    Although there is still a market for monochrome printers, Lexmark expects a
    higher percentage of sales to be driven by color printers, said Jeff Roberts,
    manager of U.S. product marketing at the company.

    Solution providers have been working within a document technology market with
    a growing number of competitors in the channel and an increasing emphasis on
    color technology. Market research has shown significant migration to color

    “Customers are looking to color as a default,” said Will Hanley, director of
    product business development at Custom Computer Specialist, a Hauppauge,
    N.Y.-based solution provider and Lexmark partner. “I think it will bring Lexmark
    back to the forefront, but I think it may cause a ripple effect with other
    manufacturers doing the same.”

    Hanley said that Lexmark has remained one of the more profitable printer
    brands in his company’s lineup, largely due to its channel compensation
    structure, and that such a dramatic move could insulate it from competitors
    trying to beat it with multifunction devices in a market migrating toward system

    “You’re not going to be able to displace four color printers with an MFP that
    just does black and white,” Hanley said.