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    BERTL Analysts Recognize Konica’s High-Volume Printers for their ROI, Document Handling, Paper Capacity and Print-On-Demand Capabilities

    Konica Business Technologies U.S.A., Inc. (Konica), the innovation leader in digital Imaging Solutions and a Subsidiary of Konica Minolta Holdings, Inc., announced that, after extensive testing, its FORCE 65 and FORCE 85 Production Printing Systems have received “Four Star Highly Recommended” ratings from BERTL Digital Test Lab.

    Recognized for a superior range of document production functionality, workhorse-level durability, paper capacity, feature-rich print drivers and competitive pricing, BERTL analysts named the FORCE 65 and FORCE 85 as “strong contenders for datacenters, central reprographic departments (CRD) and printshops that handle a variety of production and finishing demands.”

    BERTL specifically noted many of the FORCE 65 and FORCE 85 advantages including:

  • Two available finisher units, providing businesses with the ability to bring production-level finishing capabilities in-house
  • Ability to draw from up to six (FORCE 85) or seven (FORCE 65) separate paper sources
  • Konica’s Simitri Polymerized Toner, producing clean, crisp 600 x 600 dpi resolution that is rated at 60,000 (FORCE 85) and 47,500 (FORCE 65) images per bottle, based on six percent coverage
  • Extensive document handling capabilities through PCL and PostScript drivers
  • Highest ledger-sized paper capacity in its sectors
  • Tandem printing capability
  • Multi-platform printing via partnerships with major companies such as NetFusion and Barr Systems

    FORCE 65 Highlighted Features: A flexible printing solution for high-volume environments, BERTL analysts praised the FORCE 65′s multi-environment datastream support, its ability to deal with a variety of paper handling needs, and the device’s superior range of document production options, including its extensive finishing features. In particular, analysts noted that the FORCE 65′s dual post-sheet insertion feature, which allows for the handling of separate front and back covers, is “virtually non-existent on printers.”

    BERTL analysts were particularly impressed with the FORCE 65′s paper handling capabilities. Analysts highlighted the device’s ability to do sheet insertion and tray switching, meaning the FORCE 65 can pull from multiple paper trays during the printing of a single job, offering users the ability to produce complex, multi-faceted documents. In addition, BERTL noted that the device’s 6,600 page paper capacity can “accommodate a larger selection of printshop applications than many competing systems.”

    BERTL also praised the FORCE 65′s ease of use, highlighting user-friendly features such as Advanced Continuous Toner (ACT) technology, which can “increase the productivity of the device during long print runs” by allowing the toner to be replaced while the device is running a job. Additionally, the location of the toner cartridge and the ability of the FORCE 65′s Section 508-compliant touchscreen control panel to tilt at a 15 degree angle provides disabled users with easy accessibility.

    FORCE 85 Highlighted Features: Targeted at high- volume corporate datacenters, large workgroups, CRDs and printshops that require a production-level printing system, the FORCE 85 combines true 85 page-per- minute (ppm) printing with the industry’s largest memory capacity and Konica’s fastest available print controller. BERTL analysts found the FORCE 85 to have “one of the highest duty cycles in its sector” at 1,250,000 pages per month and the “highest ledger paper capacity in its sector”, supporting up to 12 x 18 paper sizes.

    BERTL analysts lauded the FORCE 85′s “extensive finishing tools,” specifically the ability to handle a maximum of 20 folded sheets. This capacity is about five more than the competition and enables the creation of booklets of up to 80 pages. Additional finishing features of the FORCE 85 include hole punching, stapling, saddle stitching and guillotine trimming.

    BERTL also praised the multitude of features that Konica has included for print-on-demand environments, including the embedded IP-602 print controller, featuring an 866 MHz processor with 64 MB of RAM and a 20 GB hard drive. The IP-602 offers increased functionality, including a visual PostScript® driver, a mixplex and tab driver, expanded hard drive access for virtually unlimited job storage, two byte character support, IP-602 PCL 5e driver Microsoft® certification, and Konica visual NDPS print driver support for Novell® NetWare.

    Pricing and Availability: Affordable, competitive high-volume options, the Konica FORCE 65 and FORCE 85 are available through Konica’s North American direct sales, authorized dealer and value-added reseller channels. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) for the FORCE 65 is US$22,100 and the MSRP for the FORCE 85 is US$36,700. Pricing for print controllers, finishers and other options is available upon request.