INKJET empties in canada

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INKJET empties in canada

 user 2005-05-13 at 2:09:00 am Views: 113
  • #9819

    So, now Vern………….who you’re trying to screw again isn’t that they are all garbage and being as broke as you are you want to still more from others?  What a shame to have someone as old as you are stilling and hurting people…Vern is time for you to refund me and not only me to all the others you took from?  So listen to me old men either stop in this industry or continue legit business.

    Hope to see my refund soon, you send me garbage and stole my money. I will make sure that all our industry will know about you.

    Everyone do not buy anything from Vern Robertson who goes by differents company names you could only after he send you the goods inspected then pay him. He is a lyer and a thief. Vern I will be comming and knock in your door and will take my last penny from you. GUARRANTEE