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 user 2005-05-14 at 10:55:00 am Views: 86
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    Mumbai Inkjet Recycler to Open
    Collection Center

    Mumbai, May  2005

    Mumbai-based Harish
    Lalwani of Insta Impex, distributor of inkjet recycling systems, is tying up
    with consumables dealers for setting up cartridge collection centers across the

    Lalwani said that the venture will provide better quality than
    regular manual refills and higher margins than dealing in branded cartridges. He
    said that at Rs 150 for black cartridge refill and Rs 200 for color, he was
    offering the refills for a fraction of the Rs 600-700 that remanufactured
    cartridges and the Rs 900 that branded cartridges cost.

    The company has
    tied up or is on the verge of finalizing agreements with five dealers in Mumbai
    at Cuffe Parade, Andheri, Matunga and Fort. They will be branded as Instafill
    Collection Points.

    “We use only ionized water, imported from Germany at
    Rs 300 per litre, to clean the cartridge, and our equipment ensures that the
    pigment particle size of the ink is uniform. We are not into remanufacturing the
    cartridges because it’s difficult to provide warranty and the core technology is
    not ours,” said Lalwani.

    Insta Impex is promoting the concept mainly
    through brochures to existing customers and through dealers already in the
    business. It plans to have such centers in Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad and
    Chennai within six months.