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 user 2005-05-18 at 11:15:00 am Views: 76
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    Lower laser printer prices
    in two years, says

    Epson Philippines projects prices of laser printers to
    decline to monochrome printer levels in the next two to three years.

    Following significant sales growth from the introduction of
    its colored laser printers last year, the Japanese company’s Philippine unit
    said this would be in anticipation of a gradual phase out of monochrome printers
    in the next five years.

    Joselito Vitug, Epson Philippines corporate sales head, told
    reporters that more printing companies will ease out monochrome printers to give
    way to colored versions and thereby lower the price of these printers.

    “Our focus [now] is colored printers. It is possible to phase
    out monochrome [printers] in the next five years,” he said.

    Market appetite for the colored version, however, remains weak
    because of their higher prices, Vitug said.

    He said companies have yet to realize that owning colored
    printers would enhance their investment and even add to their profits.

    “They can charge more with colored printers. Their ROI [return
    on investment] in colored printers would be higher,” he said.

    In this regard, Epson will continue to forge partnerships with
    small print shops and home-based businesses to impart the benefits of colored

    The company aims to grow sales by 11 percent to P1.75 billion
    this year. Last year, the company posted sales of P1.57 billion.

    Jino Carlo Alvarez, Epson assistant general manager for sales
    and marketing, said the company exceeded its business plan for 2004 by 114
    percent. This, he said, was largely due to the high returns they got from
    selling colored printers and the business from printer consumables.

    The company’s marketing efforts such as the launch of its new
    printer products, consumable products, and its tie-ups such as the one with
    Disney Pixar in making posters for the movie cartoon, The Incredibles, increased
    Epson sales last year.

    Likewise, sales derived from printer consumables, which refer
    to the sales of printer inks or cartridges and other specialized products such
    as water-resistant inks, translated into higher sales. This was further
    strengthened by the company’s proshop scheme, which aims to promote genuine
    Epson inks to small print shops.