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 user 2005-05-28 at 12:03:00 pm Views: 96
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    India outlines aggressive strategy for inkjet printers

    Hewlett-Packard India Pvt. Ltd. on Tuesday
    announced an aggressive personal printing strategy that demonstrates its
    commitment to grow the all-in-one market, expand the photo printing market and
    sustain growth of the single function category. In addition, HP has also
    launched three new all-in-ones – PS 1608, OJ 7208 and OJ 6208.

    The three new products have been designed
    specifically keeping in mind the consumer behaviour and environmental conditions
    of emerging markets like India, HP said in a statement. For instance, weather
    conditions in India are much harsher than most other countries. Products go
    through rough handling while in transit.

    Also, the inkjet printing space has seen a
    spurt in the use of photo printers for home applications. No more are these
    printers confined to use in just enterprises or digital photo studios. All
    products are ideal for the home and SOHO user.

    More innovative features, more
    flexibility, more convenience and ease of use, best and latest in technology, at
    increasingly affordable prices viz. – greater value for money – is the driving
    force behind the product innovations.

    currently enjoys 83% market share in the all-in-one space and over 59% market
    share in the inkjet space. In order to leverage its position in the market, HP
    is setting up 500 demo centers across the country. A printing experience par
    excellence and yet within reach of the consumers is the mantra for

    Speaking on the occasion, Rajiv Rao,
    Market Development Manager, Consumer Products, HP India said, “In order to
    continue our leadership in the personal printing space, we have adopted a
    four-pronged approach. We will be working towards further simplifying solutions
    for the consumer, making the user experience unforgettable and enjoyable,
    reliable and consistent, focus on long-term relationships with our customers
    along with being a good corporate citizen.”

    In addition, HP plans to fortify its
    channel structure for improved customer experience. Special training and demo
    sessions, local country call center, internet and e-support and India repair
    center will form a key part of HP’s strategy for the Indian