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 user 2005-05-29 at 11:36:00 am Views: 98
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    Fuji Xerox sets ambitious

    BEIJING, May 05 — Fuji Xerox, the world’s leading manufacturer of
    copiers and printers, vows to achieve a 20 per cent revenue growth rate this
    year by creating new business opportunities in high-end markets.

        ”China has been strategically important to Fuji Xerox, and for the 2005
    fiscal year we foresee a 20 per cent growth in terms of
    revenues,” Yoshiaki Takahashi, the company’s newly-appointed chief executive
    officer and president of China operations, said yesterday.

        It is the first time in recent years the Japan-based company has
    projected business growth on the mainland and in Hong Kong.

        To achieve the target, Fuji Xerox will launch a wide range of new
    products this year, including digital copiers for low-end consumers and
    multi-functional colour printers for high-end markets.

        The company has been focusing on providing low-end copiers and printers
    in China. It commands about 14 per cent of China’s copier and printer markets,
    competing with rivals including Hewlett-Packard, Epson, Legend and Canon and
    Ricoh from Japan.

        However, it seems the company is attaching ever more importance to
    high-end products to snare larger profits.

        ”The China market is very competitive…but we will not follow our
    competitors in what they are doing in the low-end markets,” said Takahashi, who
    is also vice-president of Fuji Xerox.

        Fuji Xerox set up a fully-owned leasing company last month, with
    registered capital of US$20 million, as China further opens its financial
    leasing sector to foreign investors.

        With financial leasing services offered, customers have more options for
    how they pay for their purchases, in particular for expensive devices.

        Takahashi said the leasing company mainly serves foreign clients. But the
    firm will continue to offer leasing services to Chinese customers through its
    two local leasing companies. Most leasing services customers are professional
    printing companies.

        The company plans to set up a training centre in Shanghai this year,
    where distributors and direct sales personnel will receive professional,
    systematic training courses.

        The direct sales network will be strengthened this year, particularly in

    China, according to Takahashi.

        Fuji Xerox President ToshioArima said last November that direct sales are
    expected to contribute 80 per cent of the company’s revenues in China over the
    next few years, rising from the current proportion of 50 per cent.

        Fuji Xerox is a joint venture between Japan-based Fuji Photo Film Co and
    United States-based Xerox Co, with Fuji Photo holding a 75 per cent stake.
    Already a well-known brand in Japan, the company is not yet so famous among
    Chinese consumers.

        Takahashi said he will strive to enhance brand awareness and accelerate
    the localization process in China, in particular by recruiting more local

        Describing himself as a “booster” for business in China, Takahashi said
    he will stay in the post for “just a few years” and then hand the role to local
    executives as the business “takes off.”

        Takahashi’s predecessor, Kim Chung, a Chinese-American, retired after
    holding the position for four years.