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 user 2005-05-29 at 11:38:00 am Views: 56
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    Cockroaches Kill Macedonian Court’s
    Laser Printers by Eating Toner

    Cockroaches Attacked Court

    Cockroaches are eating computer toners in the Municipal
    Court 1 in Skopje every day, the judges complain.

    They said that this
    problem is the reason why they are not able to print the records of the court
    sessions. Low electricity in the court building is an additional problem. The
    network server as well as personal computers in the court rooms constantly
    malfunctions because of the electricity.

    “The power is unstable and that
    is why the network crushes down. New electric installation has been installed
    recently, but it has the same old disadvantages. Today, all computer records are
    typed on computer and automatically stored on the server. We are lucky that we
    have not lost a record so far. You can only imagine the troubles of the judge
    who will lose a record of the session,” said Mihail Dogandziski, judge in the
    Municipal Court 1.

    During the court session against Vojo Mihajlovksi, the
    electricity broke down and the network server collapsed and the session has been
    paused as well as all the sessions in the court at that time.

    Apart from
    the electricity problems, the judges have problem with air conditioners, too. If
    the air conditioner breaks down in summer when the temperatures are high, the
    printers in the court rooms immediately break down.

    “Most of the air
    conditioners work, but not always properly. Because of these problems sometimes
    we are waiting very long time to print the records. According to the law, each
    party must receive a record of the session, and they can be longer than ten
    pages,” explained Dogandziski.

    He added that they were finding
    cockroaches in the printers, but the heat and the laser were killing them so
    there were no bigger defects.

    Yet, some of the judges said that
    cockroaches have eaten the toners of the printers on several

    “This is big shame for the country. This court, as the biggest
    court in the country, should have the best equipment instead of fighting
    cockroaches,” one of the judges reacted.

    Ministry of justice announced
    prompt solution of the problems.

    “In all of our projects, Municipal Court
    Skopje 1 has a priority because of the gravity of the cases treated there. We
    have scheduled a project with the European agency for reconstruction and
    development and other donors for building special court room for organized
    crime, and witness protection project. 400.000 euros are already provided for
    this,” said Mirjana Ilievska, spokesperson of the Ministry of

    She announced the complete restoration of the Municipal

    “We have submitted request for restoration and superstructure of
    the court building. We expect positive reply as soon as possible. It is planned
    the complete restoration of the court building and building additional floor,”
    added Ilievska