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    Ricoh Corporation Moves Color Forward

    Eight New Products Offer
    Advanced Color Solutions for New and Established Users

    CHICAGO,JUNE 05– Ricoh Corporation, the leading
    provider of digital office equipment, introduced at a press conference today
    eight color devices with features that cater to both new and established users
    looking for the advantages of color at an affordable price. The new devices
    introduced at Ricoh’s Technology Portal in Chicago included the Aficio 3224C,
    Aficio 3228C, Aficio 3235C, Aficio 3245C, Aficio 3260C, Aficio Color 5560,
    Aficio CL7200, and the Aficio CL7300.
    After the digital conversion, the next revolution in the office
    equipment industry has beeN the introduction of color. Color started to become
    an integral part of business but there were few products that combined the
    proven technology of black and white devices with the convenience of color.
    Ricoh responded with its “Black to Color” (B2C) product line giving customers a
    productive and affordable entry into color. As more devices became available,
    early adopters began the transition from black and white to color. Now, the
    early adopters have realized the advantages of color devices and are demanding
    the next generation. Simultaneously, new users continue to enter the market as
    they begin to overcome the fear of price and complexity.

    “Ricoh has been a leader in combining the proven technology of black
    and white with the convenience of color in affordable and easy-to-use devices,”
    said Hede Nonaka, vice president of marketing, Ricoh Corporation. “We expect the
    adoption of color and the deployment of next generation devices to continue as
    businesses realize its affordability and competitive advantage.”

    Ricoh has been at the forefront of this revolution engineering
    multiple workgroup color devices that encourage new users to embrace color and
    cater to sophisticated users looking beyond price for enhanced features and more
    productivity. With the introduction of eight new color devices, Ricoh is moving
    the color revolution forward.

    The Aficio products that were introduced today include:

    Aficio 3224C

    Ideal for the entry-level user, the Aficio 3224C provides
    convenience color that can be easily controlled. Users can seamlessly integrate
    color pages into a presentation or scan and route color documents to email
    accounts or folders, eliminating the high cost and inconvenience of off-site
    scanning and printing. The Aficio 3224C also helps businesses speed
    communication, enhance productivity, and reduce costs with built-in functions
    such as Scan- to-Email/Folder/FTP, among others.

    Administrators benefit from the Aficio 3224C’s comprehensive set of
    software utilities designed to simplify the tasks of monitoring system
    performance and managing network settings. These utilities include Web Image
    Monitor, SmartDeviceMonitor/Web SmartDeviceMonitor, and DeskTopBinder V2 Lite.

    Aficio 3228C/3235C/3245C Series

    The Aficio 3228C/3235C/3245C Series represents the third generation
    of Ricoh’s color systems, making these devices ideal for the seasoned users
    looking for enhanced image quality and security functions.

    In an effort to produce better image quality, Ricoh engineers have
    developed a new toner called Polyester Polymerization (PxP) Color Toner. Used in
    the Aficio 3228C/3235C/3245C Series, the new toner is smaller, finer, and more
    uniform in shape, reducing the amount of dust around the image making it sharper
    and crisper.

    In addition to User Codes which have been long been provided on
    Ricoh devices, the Aficio 3228C/3235C/3245C Series has been engineered to
    support Windows Authentication. With Windows Authentication users must input
    both a valid user name and password in order to access the printing, faxing and
    scanning functionality on the system. The series also offers LDAP Authentication
    to protect data stored on registered LDAP servers. This series of devices also
    support a variety of encryption algorithms to protect sensitive data from
    unauthorized access and tampering when files are sent across the network or

    Other new features to the Aficio 3228C/3235C/3245C Series include
    faster warm-up time, color restriction, faster scanning speeds, less downtime,
    and improved LDAP Support.

    Aficio 3260C

    The Aficio 3260C extends Ricoh’s B2C portfolio into Segment 4 with
    output speeds of 45 ppm in color and 60 ppm in black and white. It brings the
    same level of functionality and user convenience as Ricoh’s black and white
    MFPs, but also includes color capability. The Aficio 3260C comes standard with
    copying, scanning, and printing capabilities, and can be optionally configured
    with document finishers and additional paper capacity.

    Aficio Color 5560

    The Aficio Color 5560 is the newest addition to the Ricoh color
    family that brings 55 ppm color and 60 ppm black and white output speeds. The
    Aficio Color 5560 can be configured with either the EFI Fiery E-7000 or E-8000
    print controller, and is targeted at color users that demand greater color
    control and color management capabilities. Like the Aficio 3260C, the Aficio
    Color 5560 comes standard with a 100-sheet ARDF, trayless duplexing unit, and
    3,400 sheets of paper capacity. Multiple document finishing options are
    available, as well as other paper handling options that increase the flexibility
    and functionality of the system.

    Aficio CL7200/Aficio CL7300

    The Aficio CL7200 and the Aficio CL7300 represent the fourth
    generation of Ricoh’s color systems. These devices are well-suited for
    experienced users looking for advanced production quality as well as security
    features. The Aficio CL7200 and the Aficio CL7300 utilize Ricoh’s new Polyester
    Polymerization Color Toner in order to produce sharper and crisper images.

    The Aficio CL7200 and Aficio CL7300 are extremely versatile and
    allow the end user maximum control. The systems support many print languages,
    including Adobe PS3, PCL 5c, PCL6, and RPCS, which provides driver flexibility
    and caters to users’ specific needs. In regards to connectivity, the CL7200 and
    CL7300 go beyond the standard Ethernet and USB and offers options including
    wireless and Gigabit Ethernet. With a paper capacity of up to 3,100 sheets and
    two separate finishing options including a booklet finisher, hole punch and
    stapling, the Aficio CL7200 and Aficio CL7300 are fully equipped to handle
    high-volume, high-quality production needs. Additionally, the Aficio CL7200 and
    the Aficio CL7300 are expandable with the addition of the IS300 Image Scanner
    that provides scan-to-email; scan-to-folder, scan-to-FTP, TWAIN scanning, and
    scan-to-print capabilities.

    About Ricoh Corporation

    Ricoh Corporation, headquartered in West Caldwell, N.J., is a
    subsidiary of Ricoh Company Ltd., the 69-year-old leading supplier of office
    automation equipment and electronics, with fiscal year 2004 sales in excess of
    $17 billion, a 1.9% percent increase over the previous year.

    Ricoh Corporation is a leading provider of document solutions.
    Ricoh’s fully integrated hardware and software products help businesses share
    information efficiently and effectively by enabling customers to control the
    input, management and output of documents. Ricoh’s line of document management
    devices include, color and black & white digital imaging systems, facsimile
    products, printers, scanners, digital duplicators and wide format engineering
    systems. Additionally, Ricoh offers a wide variety of document and printing
    solutions directly and through strategic alliances enhancing office productivity
    and document workflow. Ricoh’s document management software enhances workgroup
    collaboration and offers secure storage, retrieval and sharing of critical

    Ricoh Corporation directly or through its subsidiaries markets and
    distributes products in North, Central and South America. For fiscal year 2004,
    Ricoh Corporation sales exceeded $2.9 billion, an increase of 6.9% over the
    previous year.