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    79% of Western European Digital Printers Offer Color

    InfoTrends/CAP Ventures Explores the Future of Digital Production
    Printing in Western Europe. Significant increase in variable data print

    (Luton, UK) June 2005… Professional printing establishments are the
    largest producers of printed products. In a recent survey of digital print
    service providers conducted by InfoTrends/CAP Ventures, nearly 80% of
    respondents indicated that they used digital colour printing and copying
    equipment and 68% were using a digital black and white device.

    Figure 1: Type of Digital Print Equipment Used
    Q. What type of
    digital printing do you use? Please check all that apply.

    Digital Color

    Digital Black & White

    Offset……………………………. 9.3%

    Do Not use Any Digital Printing
    Equipment….. 7.1%

    InfoTrends/CAP Ventures new report, provides an outlook on the usage of
    digital production equipment, peripheral technologies and supplies in
    professional print environments in Western Europe. The document examines
    equipment usage and applications, investments and business trends, brand
    awareness, and customer relations.

    Print is not the only document or publishing channel anymore, but one of
    many. There is an abundance of strategies regarding how digital print service
    providers approach the market. According to the study, deploying a full range of
    customer-facing tools, reducing costs and miscommunications, and offering better
    service for customers are factors required for future success.

    “Digital print enables widespread support for value-added services, design,
    and variable data support, all of which will further promote the use of digital
    technology,” commented Ralf Schlozer, a Senior Consultant for InfoTrends/CAP
    Ventures. “In fact, respondents expect an increasing revenue share from
    value-added services and a higher share of variable data printing in the next
    two years. The revenue share of value-added services is expected to grow from
    15.6% to 18.1% and the portion of print jobs using variable data from 23.6% to

    Other key findings include:

    • High speed colour printers 40+ppm are the most popular colour devices,
    followed by large format colour printers.

    • Respondents expect an
    increasing revenue share from digital printing and value-added services in the
    next two years, compared to offset printing and other revenues.

    • A significant increase in the share of variable data printing from today’s
    average of 23.6% to 35.8% in two years is expected by respondents.

    Enterprise customers are the largest originators of print jobs in
    print-for-pay environments, accounting for more than 40% of all print jobs,
    followed by the private sector and the advertising

    Research for the report consisted of a
    survey of 294 end users across France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, and the United
    Kingdom. The survey captured responses from professional print service
    providers, cost centre printing in data processing printing environments, and
    in-plant printing.

    “Evaluating digital production printing only by the standards of commercial
    printing certainly falls short of describing the whole potential of digital
    production printing,” commented Schlozer. “This research set out to cover the
    diverse markets and present an overview picture, as well as to discuss
    differences between the different environments, where they appear.”