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 user 2005-06-08 at 12:18:00 pm Views: 83
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    PMA says Digital Print Volume Up.

    Digital prints increase while home inkjet prints loses ground.

    The PMA (Photo Marketing Association) shows significant print growth from
    digital cameras. Home printing decreased while retail and online printing
    increased. Home printing still owns the lion share of the all prints made from a
    digital camera at 51%.

    February PMA Processing Survey shows volume of prints from digital camera
    images increased 75 percent

    The volume of prints made from digital-still camera images increased by 69
    percent for the year ending in February, according to the most recent PMA
    Processing Survey. Online printing growth has accelerated reaching 207 percent
    in the 12 months ending February. Printing volumes on retail minilabs grew more
    than twice as fast as the overall rate of 69 percent. Growth in home printing
    has slowed down in the past few months. For the period of March 2004 through
    February 2005, the volume of prints made at home grew by only 18 percent, the
    lowest growth rate reported so far. This is also below digital camera unit
    growth which exceeded 35 percent in February.

    The rapid growth in the
    volume of prints made by retailers or on kiosks has resulted in the shift of
    digital printing share away from home printers and towards other printing
    options. For the year ending in February, 51 percent of digital prints were made
    on home printers, down from 73 percent in the year earlier period. Including
    prints made on kiosks, local retailers nearly doubled their share as their
    percent increased from 18.8 to 35.1 percent (the sum of retail and kiosk
    methods, excluding online orders). The online share reported here includes
    orders placed at both brick-and-mortar and pure online service providers. For
    the period of March 2004 through February 2005 this share went to 10.4 percent
    from 5.7 percent the previous year. According to the survey, as of February,
    almost one out of five prints ordered online were picked up at a retail

    The rate of decline in national film processing activity has
    accelerated reaching 13.3 percent in the 12 months ending February with much
    higher estimated declines in the months of January and February. The mix of
    formats associated with processing continued to shift in favor of one-time-use
    cameras. That component represented 24.9 percent of the total processing volume
    during the 12 months ending February 2005.