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 user 2005-06-09 at 9:45:00 am Views: 73
  • #9850
    Lexmark CEO Touts New Inkjets,
    Defends Dell Relationship
    As Lexmark works to expand its presence in the
    inkjet space, revenue from consumables is keeping the company on a growth track,
    CEO Paul Curlander said Thursday.

    In a presentation at the Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. Strategic Decisions
    Conference in New York, Curlander said Lexington, Ky.-based Lexmark maintains a
    21.5 percent global share in the inkjet market, second only to Hewlett-Packard’s
    40.5 percent share.

    To help grow its market presence, Lexmark on Thursday unveiled two low-end
    products, geared primarily for the consumer space: the Lexmark X2350 All-In-One
    multifunction device, which costs $69 after a rebate, and the Lexmark Z735 color
    printer, which runs $49.99 after a rebate.

    Though low-price hardware and the price-aggressive market helped cause
    Lexmark to miss Wall Street analysts’ financial expectations in its most recent
    fiscal quarter, Curlander said the company has been able to outperform most
    competitors in recent years because of its non-hardware business.

    “The reason Lexmark is doing better than other companies in general is our
    business model,” he said. “We’re not just selling printers, but importantly
    we’re selling aftermarket supplies, which is the most profitable and consistent
    portion of our business.”

    Curlander also defended Lexmark’s OEM partnership with Dell, which he said
    has helped boost his company’s market presence.

    “I think it’s been a good partnership for the two of us. I think we have
    strengths that complement each other. They are a world-class company and,
    whenever we work with a world-class company, we learn from them,” he said.

    “In addition to being a tremendous developer and manufacturer of products,
    they are a very strong channel into the marketplace,” Curlander added about the
    Dell partnership. “I think that Lexmark’s technology is very strong. I’ve always
    felt we’re underrepresented in the market.”