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 user 2005-06-14 at 11:08:00 am Views: 99
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    ReChargX Now Offers Toner Refill
    Kits For 193 Different Brother Machines; Adds 12 Do-It-Yourself Premium
    Replacement Kits for New Bother Units

    BEACH, Fla.–June , 2005–By adding new color and black and
    white toner refill replacements kits specifically formulated for 12 new Brother
    brand laser machines, ReChargX is now offering high yield replacement OEM
    formulas for 193 different Bother model laser printers, fax machines and
    copiers. ReChargX, the creator of the do-it-yourself toner refill concept,
    provides users with the opportunity to save as much as 70% to 90% over the price
    of a replacement toner cartridge.

    ReChargX now produces toner refill kits formulas for more than 5,500
    different printers, plain paper fax machines, multipurpose machines, and copiers
    on site at its Florida-based facilities.

    “As the public accepts new technology, original purchase prices undergo
    drastic reductions,” notes John Galt, the company president. “However, in the
    case of laser printers, the cost of toner replacement cartridges can quickly
    exceed the cost of the new machine.” The company attributes its substantial
    customer base growth in home offices, businesses, government agencies, and
    educational institutions to the eventual user recognition of the excessive costs
    involved in constantly replacing toner units to keep machines ready for

    The company now makes do-it-yourself refills for some 300 different brands,
    which it supplies in more than 85 countries. Additional information about
    ReChargX products is available on the company’s website: http://WWW.RECHARGX.COM Or by
    calling Dagney Taggert at (954) 957-9998 at the company headquarters.