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 user 2005-06-15 at 10:57:00 am Views: 94
  • #11518
    Geldof blasts ‘sick’ eBay sales
    Bob Geldof has branded the sale of Live 8 tickets on the
    internet auction site eBay “sick profiteering”.

    The Live 8 organiser called on the website to ban sales of the tickets for
    the London show, which were won through a text competition.

    Scores of pairs of tickets have already been put up on the site with some
    pairs being offered for £1,000.

    Bands including Coldplay, U2 and Pink Floyd will play at the Hyde Park show
    on 2 July.

    It is filthy money made on the back of the poorest
    people on the planet. Stick it where it belongs

    Bob Geldof

    Geldof demanded the immediate removal of tickets being sold on the site.

    He said: “I am sick with this. It is a disgrace. It is completely against the
    interests of the poor.

    “The people who are selling these tickets on websites are miserable wretches
    who are capitalising on people’s misery. I am appealing to their sense of
    decency to stop this disgusting greed.”

    A spokeswoman for eBay said the reselling of charity concert tickets is not
    illegal under UK law.

    She added: “We have offered to make a donation to the Live 8 organisers at
    least equivalent to the fees we collect from the sale of Live 8 tickets.”

    ‘Impossible’ bids

    But Geldof said the offer by eBay to donate money was “not

    “There’s nothing illegal about what they’re doing unfortunately but there is
    something wrong with it and everyone in this entire country knows why it’s
    wrong,” he said.

    “It is not acceptable is that a giant electronic company that makes billions
    upon billions then morally says we will just hand over our take to a charity.

    “It is filthy money made on the back of the poorest people on the planet.
    Stick it where it belongs. ”

    Geldof said he planned to contact the owner of eBay to try and persuade him
    to take the tickets off the site.

    He also called on people to make “impossible” bids of £300m for the tickets
    to try and prevent the sales.

    More than two million text entries were sent in the competition to win
    tickets for the London leg of Live 8.

    The deadline for pop fans to apply for tickets for the London show to fight
    African poverty expired at midnight on Sunday.