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 user 2005-06-17 at 10:46:00 am Views: 68
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    Where is the Western European Inkjet Aftermarket Headed?

    DUBLIN, Ireland, June 05 — Research and Markets

    This report provides an overview of the inkjet printer cartridge market and aftermarket. It is an update of the White Paper that was published in May 2003, and draws upon forecast information taken from the latest inkjet printer supplies forecast for 2003-2008. The report examines the inkjet cartridge market and more specifically the inkjet cartridge aftermarket. It discusses how this market is broken down according to various segments such as original and aftermarket cartridges as well as integrated and non-integrated cartridge types. It also looks at some of the key issues in the market such as collecting empties, the presence of chips, the increasingly important role that environmental legislation is playing, and the growth of the refilling retail chains in the industry.

    The inkjet aftermarket includes those ink products that are not OEM-branded consumables that are sold for printers with the same OEM brand. Aftermarket ink products can take several different forms, including compatible tanks for use in printers that have a separate head and ink tank (typically Canon and Epson cartridges) and compatible integrated cartridges where an empty OEM cartridge has typically been refilled. These are normally cartridges for HP and Lexmark printers. In addition, new market player Dell now badges Lexmark printers and hence uses the same integrated inkjet cartridge technology. Aftermarket products can also be refill solutions, where there is a way for the user to refill an empty cartridge and use it again. These types of cartridges can take several different forms, including a syringe, a refill station, or a click-in refill.

    Topics covered in the report include: Market Size and Overview The Inkjet Cartridge Aftermarket Segmented Penetration of the Aftermarket by Country Types of Inkjet Refills Syringe/Refill Kit Compatible Inkjet Cartridges Clicks Ink Station Service Key Issues Collection of Empties and Environmental Issues Waste Issues and Empty Cartridges Update on the WEEE Scrap Waste Scheme Eco-Design of Energy-Using Products Smart Chips For more information visit http://www.researchandmarkets.com