Ninestar Successfully Modifies “Non-HP supply installed” Chip

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Ninestar Successfully Modifies “Non-HP supply installed” Chip

 user 2013-11-27 at 12:25:48 pm Views: 268
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    Ninestar Successfully Modifies “Non-HP supply installed”Chip

    Ninestar Image Tech Limited, a sales subsidiary of the Seine Group, has completed chip modifications to display a “non-HP supply installed” message in regards to HP’s white paper.

    In response to HP’s white paper’s discussion, Ninestar began its engineering change in June with its 05A, 55X and 530A toner cartridges for use with HP printers. With such a change, the display status screen or supply status page will not recognize a Ninestar cartridge as a genuine HP product when it is installed but rather represent it as a non-HP product. This change does not impact print quality. Since then, Ninestar has extended its message change plan to cover other models of cartridges.

    HP‘s “Technical white paper— Aftermarket chips for HP laser jet printers”, shows the recommended changes to avoid brand misidentification. The paper indicates “for many years, HP printers have provided a message to end users when a toner cartridge is installed in the printer, stating either ‘genuine HP supply installed’ or ‘non-HP supply installed’”. HP also says that all new HP printers launching in and after 2014 will support this messaging. Ninestar will continue the R&D of new chip solutions in the future and provide IP safe compatible products to global customers.

    Ninestar respects the intellectual property rights of OEM’s and develops independent technology using a strong R&D team and thousands of patents.