Hp To Release New Luxurious SmartWatch!

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Hp To Release New Luxurious SmartWatch!

 user admin 2014-08-03 at 1:57:06 pm Views: 229
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    Hp To Release New Luxurious SmartWatch!
    HP’s Luxury Smartwatch Will Feed Your Inner Fashionista,HP jumps on the smartwatch bandwagon with a luxury designer device

    The first glimpse of the HP and Gilt tie-up, a smartwatch designed by Michael Bastian, has been posted online today.

    According to the announcement, Gilt sought to work specifically with Michael Bastian for the design and HP for the manufacturing side of things, and the device will work with both iOS and Android devices via an app.

    Gilt says it’ll perform the usual raft of smartwatch tasks, like letting you quickly check weather, stocks and sports updates, or keeping you up-to-date on your email, SMS and social media notifications. It’s also “water resistant” and has a battery life of up to seven days.

    Of course, this device isn’t so much about the tech specs as much as the design. On that front, there’s a 44mm stainless steel casing with three hardware button controls and three interchangeable bands to adapt it for different occasions.

    “A watch like this should provide men with quick, simple, accurate information at a glance, much like the displays and dials of a car dashboard — you can almost think of it as a personal dashboard for your digital life. The watch’s interchangeable straps in perforated leather, nylon and rubber even reflect this inspiration,” Bastian said in a statement.

    If you’re interested in a designer smartwatch inspired by a car’s interior and made by HP, then you can sign up for more details on the Gilt website, although, it should be a tell-tale sign that the price hasn’t been revealed yet. We suspect you’ll need relatively deep pockets for this one.