It’s Official! Oem Ink Now The Most Expensive Liquid In The World

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It’s Official! Oem Ink Now The Most Expensive Liquid In The World

 user admin 2014-08-04 at 10:19:53 am Views: 705
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    It’s Official! Oem Printer Ink Now The Most Expensive Liquid In The World

    San Diego, United States – /PressCable/ —The title of the most expensive liquid used to belong to high end perfume like Chanel No. 5. The prize now goes to something that is a lot less fashionable: printer ink.

    At the current time, printer ink now costs approximately $.70 a milliliter. To put that in perspective, human blood that is used to save lives in hospitals costs approximately $.40 a milliliter. Dom Perignon champagne, costs approximately $.06 a milliliter.

    The high costs stem from storing and stabilizing the ink. The ink has to be stable enough to sustain at least an 18 month shelf life and be able to print as well on the 18th month as it would on the first day.

    The technology is so advanced that that it takes Hewlett-Packard on average, 3-5 years to develop a new ink cartridge, with roughly thousands of different prototypes built and discarded alongthe way. The end consumer inevitably has to pay for this kind of extensive and exhausting research.

    Michael Trindle, owner of, says that people don’t really want to hear the reasons for the high cost in ink cartridges. They just want to pay less.

    “If I talk to somebody about what it takes for printer ink to get to the store so the consumer can buy it, they look at me like I’ve got two heads. They don’t care, and frankly I can understand where they are coming from. We work in a bottom-line business, and that’s all the end consumer really cares about. That’s why its pivotal to have retailers showing consumers how they can save money on this expensive product.”