Appears Set to Join the Smartphone Wars

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 user 2014-06-05 at 11:06:13 am Views: 467
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    Amazon's 3D Smartphone Is Coming June 18

    By Steve Kovach (AMZN) appears set to join the smartphone wars. The company says it will unveil a new device on June 18. It doesn't give any specifics, but drops all sorts of clues. Reports say it could include a 3-D interface and a screen that tracks the eye movement of users. This would be Amazon's second venture into hardware this year. In April it introduced a TV set-top box named Fire.

    That's likely because Amazon's smartphone is said to have several front-facing cameras that can track your head's movement and display images on the screen in such a way that they appear to pop out in 3D.

    The phone will likely run a heavily modified version of Android, just like Amazon's line of Kindle Fire tablets. That means you'll have to get all your apps and services from Amazon's own app store. 

    According to BGR, the Amazon phone may take advantage of AT&T's sponsored data plan, meaning streaming content from Amazon's video or music products won't count against your monthly data allotment.

    Amazon has made a big push in hardware recently. In addition to its Kindle Fire line of tablets, it now has Fire TV, a set-top box that lets you stream video from Amazon and other popular services like Netflix. Fire TV doubles as a gaming system for some Android games if you buy an extra controller.