U.S. Recharger Magazine to Shuts Down

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U.S. Recharger Magazine to Shuts Down

 user 2014-01-08 at 12:16:45 pm Views: 807
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    U.S. Recharger Magazine Shuts Down
    Did Asian Trade Publication Forces U.S. Recharger Magazine to Close Down?

    We have found out from reliable sources that Recharger magazine is to close down, we are deeply sadden by this and express our condolences to a former great trade publication and all its employees.
    Recharger Magazine was the 1St trade publication on the forefront of the toner trade and its really a sad day for the industry they where the real trailblazers of the industry, i had a interesting lunch with Mrs Patricia Ames the director of Recharger Magazine last Feb 2013 in Las Vegas,  she knew her stuff and we both came to many of the same conclusions while discussing the industry as a whole, While Recharger Magazine stuck to mostly News about the remanufacturer industry the contras with Tonernews and Recharger magazine worked well in this industry we both had different views that made for some good reading over the years.

    Than things started to change, it all started with Rechargeasia that was started when the famous Keith Harris and his partner Henry Sun decided to start there own magazine by taking news from the Recharger and Tonernews, i believe Recharger Magazine sued Henry Sun many years ago,not shure what the outcome was of that ?, now Rechargeasia magazine is ran overseas by Henry's wife Sunny Sun, than came Irecyclingtimes and Rechinaexpo they too followed the format of taking news from us and started there own trade pubications, now it looks there is no way to stop this and maybe the more news provided to an industry is bettter in the long run? , but for asian trade publications to constantly follow the same format as the US english speaking trade pubications is simply boring, what they dont understand is that they lack creative imput and by copying our news format, it just gets too repetative and where's there sense originality?, there are now more english speaking asian industry news site in asia than there are in the US and EU put together, Come on asia please find your originality and get a life, how about doing your news in chinese for once?.
    Whats our industry to do now without the famous US recharger magazine?, will remanufactures have the same voice? will they be heard? will there be new product for all of us to see? we would like to personally thank all the great writers of this publications over the years that have been part of the US Recharger Magazine and wish them  well in there endeavors in the future.
    Jim Ladd