Chemical Toner Manufacturer NAND Ipl Is Now a USA Owned Company

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Chemical Toner Manufacturer NAND Ipl Is Now a USA Owned Company

 user admin 2014-06-09 at 2:29:37 pm Views: 300
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    Chemical Toner Manufacturer NAND Ipl Is Now a USA Owned Company

    We are a USA owned company and only one of a handful of companies worldwide who manufacture chemical colour toners for laser printers and copiers. NAND ipl is now manufacturing and exporting BESTONE Chemical Color Toners for laser printers to hundreds’ customers across the globe including USA , Europe and also to JAPAN which is our largest market.

    We will be keen to know your interest in this proposal for using and /or reselling BESTONE toners along with your existing business of imaging components / remanufactured laser printer consumables. We will be happy and are confident that we will both be very successful if you become our partner as you profitably can meet the requirement of customers who increasing prefer chemical color toners and focus on faster growing color toner cartridges .

    Each one of you is aware that chemical color toners is the future of our industry and today is the fastest growing segment and biggest money spinner which makes profits each one of us are seeking . Today it is possible to use and resell our high quality BESTONE chemical color toners instead of any other color toner ( chemical , spheriodised and conventional toners ) and still make atleast an extra 35% to 50% profit without any compromises . Seven toner manufacturers across the world resell our chemical color toners under their own brand and we also have over a hundred happy and loyal customers in 57 countries who have used our chemical color toners .

    NAND ipl offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and 100% performance guarantee on all its chemical color toners and attractive prices so that you can add us as an approved suppliers due to better quality and lower prices for our range of BESTONE CHEMICAL COLOUR TONERS. Just experience the goodness of its quality and performance. Just ask how to start .

    To help you to get started and /or again restart ordering we will offer FREE AIRFREIGHT FOR ORDER PLACED AND PAID FOR BEFORE 31MAY only . This scheme will NOT be applicable on orders placed in JUNE in any case. Terms and conditions apply.

    It gives me great pleasure to announce to you that NAND ipl has now achieved REACH with CLP COMPLAINT MSDS . NAND ipl thus complys with all the regulations for exporting toner to EU countries .With REACH and CLP compliant MSDS , NAND has ensured that their customers in EU is fully protected by the laws of importing toners from India.

    FYI – as most of you are aware imports of toners Made in India are eligible for DUTY FREE imports into almost all countries under United Nations /WTO scheme’s GSP and GSTP programs.

    Pl see link for how GSP allows importers in Europe and all developed countries customs duty free imports for Made in India products . We can provide the attached Form A duly completed which will have to submitted along with your shipping documents when customs clearing the shipment . 6% savings in customs duty otherwise applicable for imports into EU . LIST of countries where duty free imports of our MADE IN INDIA toner.

    I have attached our complete list of BESTONE COLOUR CHEMICAL TONERS currently available . Upon request I can send the BESTONE test prints and also for comparison the OEM test prints for the same files. I’m sure you will find them virtually indistinguishable from each other. TCTL USA also tested the toners rigorously to reach the same conclusion and have certified our toners as equal to OEM. I have attached TCTL's certificate to reassure you about the excellent print quality that our toners deliver.

    I can send you immediately upon request the detailed specs and performance data of our BESTONE toners and comparison with OEM and other leading chemical color Toners .You will see that we are clearly better but still have to build a brand and reputation like they have . Just let me know what else you wish to study /see to convince yourself that we have suitable products and are suitable partners you need to become more profitable and more successful.

    Please feel free to contact me on my cell 0091 98112 99377 or send an e-mail to for more details or any clarifications at any time as per your convenience. Let me know when I can call you to quickly take this proposal further and what mobile nos I can you on and what is the most convenient time for you to receive my call .

    Navran Advanced Nanoproducts Development International Pvt. Ltd.

    10-B , Ground Floor , Park Centra , Sector 30 ,

    Gurgaon. 122001 . Haryana.

    New Delhi National Capital Region .India .

    Tel + 91 124 4200657 /58/59 extn 103

    Fax + 91 124 4200662