Germany Issues New Toner & Cartridge Standart # DIN 33871-1

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Germany Issues New Toner & Cartridge Standart # DIN 33871-1

 user admin 2014-06-10 at 11:12:52 am Views: 301
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    Germany Issues New Toner & Cartridge Standart  # DIN 33871-1

    New standard DIN 33871-1 will ensure that refilled inkjet printer heads and cartridges provide a constantly high print quality. The revised standard will be published in May and can be pre-ordered now at

    The newly revised standard, DIN 33871-1, describes the principles for preparing refilled inkjet printer heads and cartridges and testing their essential characteristics, such as colour rendition and yield. The aim of the standard is to maintain constant print quality when refilled inkjet printer accessories are used. 

    During the revision of the 2003 edition of the standard, current International Standards for determining ink cartridge yield were taken into consideration. These standards have since been adopted into the body of German Standards and published as DIN ISO/IEC 24711 and DIN ISO/IEC 24712, for example. 

    The standard was developed by producers of refilled inkjet printer heads and cartridges and original manufacturers alike, and by representatives from test institutes, research organizations, employers' liability insurance associations, public agencies, and users working within Working Committee "Office equipment" of DIN's Information Technology and IT Applications Standards Committee.

    DIN 33871-1 is addressed to companies who refill and distribute original inkjet printer heads and cartridges. By marking their products in accordance with the standard, these companies can demonstrate the yield characteristics and printing quality they provide, making it easier for customers to choose the right accessory for their printing needs. 

    Inkjet cartridges and printer heads which have been prepared in accordance with DIN 33871-1 are low-cost alternatives to original products, and of course help conserve natural resources.