5 reasons Why The Toner And Ink Business Now Sucks

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5 reasons Why The Toner And Ink Business Now Sucks

 user 2014-02-27 at 12:00:36 pm Views: 367
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    5 reasons Why The Toner And Ink Business Now Sucks  
    As we run Tonernews on a day to day bases we are constantly in touch with wholesalers,  remanufactures, dealers and every player in every aspect of this industry around the world,  you don't need to waste your money on a trade show in Las Vegas at some obscure hotel to know why The Wholesale Toner Business Now Sucks in the U.S., unlike other trade publications  around the world that claim to know this industry, we are the only trade publication that also buys and sells toner on a daily bases we too have our hands in the empty cookie jar, this is why we can tell you 1st hand as to why all this is happening to our industry, there are many many factors  and reasons as to why this is happening, here's what we believe has contributed to a slow down in this industry.

    1) The Slow World Economy.  
    The US economy ( and the world) has still not rebounded from the failures of former president Bush presidency although president Obama has given the current economy a valiant effort, the economy is still very fragile to date. the business environment is very hard,untrusting and constantly changing for the worst, fortune 1000 companies around the world are gouging consumers more than ever,with the real U.S. unemployment rate at around 37%, you get what we presently have here in the U.S. and its even worst around the world in poor developing countries, allot of these problems also have to do with the high price of oil and gas that drive our societies.

    2) The rise of the smartphone/ smart devices  
    The rise of the smartphone is another reason why printing is down, the answer  
    is in your hand, it's cool, it's practical, it's fun and it relays instant info that we use to have to print not so long ago, this is why Apple and Samsung are laughing all the way to the bank,  the rise of the smartphone has cost the overall printing industry plenty and will continue to do so, but the rise of the smartphone has also helped our society for the better , nothing like instant info at the tip of your fingers when you need it, it's also become a  great tool for freedom of expression in many repressed parts of the world.  

    3) The paperless office   
    A large portion of the paperless office is here, paper mills are closing down all around the world, the home printing segment has become to expensive, most people in the U.S.  do their printing on a "as needed bases" or at work in their offices if they really have to,  on the bright side the paperless office will be one of the contributing factors that will help society save nature and the environment.


    4)The OEMs' constant Lawsuits Vs. Remanufactures   
    The OEMs' constant Lawsuits Vs. Remanufactures and their gouging ways with consumers,  have made printing so expensive that only few can afford it,it's only a timble of ink and But the OEM's still  charge a fortunes for it,Companies like hp,Lexmark, Espon, Canon, Brother manufacture inks cartridges that cost $1.00 to $1.50  at the most to make, they in part  turn around a sell that timble of ink for $30.00 to $40.00+  each on the toner front it's not much better now days all toners have a chip that controls every part of  consumer printing habits, all this to justify selling toner and inks at expensive prices?,  we believe that all the OEMs' tactic will cost the OEMs' dearly in the long run , they are shooting them self in the foot by making such expensive product in these weak economic times, furthermore the OEMs' still have not realized how lowsy their reputations has become because of these lawsuits and their expensive products.  

    5)MPS Software and Chips in toner and ink cartridges.   
    managed Print Software also know as MPS has cut out most wholesalers and almost all remanufacture  of the reselling of reman toner and inks after production, we now get daily stories on this chip, that chip, reverse engineering etc etc, it's so confusing and this is not helping the reman industry  to have to constantly adjust product to a specific way , most remanufactures provide a finish product and that  as far as it goes, from that point on ,the wholesaler or the consumer  that has obtains that particular toner or ink  is now subject to constant scrutiny by the OEMs' printer or copier that now can follow that consumer printing habits for that particular toner or ink. We live in a software controlled society, control the software thus you control society including  your toner and ink and your printing habits

    These 5 reason we just mentioned have really affected this industry as a whole from manufacturing  to stocking OEM and remanufactured toner and ink , although printing is still relevant it's now more of a commodity, and while you'll hear the OEM mention how great they are, they are most likely cooking the books to protect their stocks, the one really big OEM company that we all need to watch is Canon Inc ,they are not really ready for all of this at all, their outcome will be very interesting and also relevant to the industry as a whole due to their relationship with Hp.  Once again these are only our views and opinions at Tonernews, maybe this will help you see the big picture and help you find a way trough this tangled maze of toner and ink?, hopefully the worlds economy will rebound  and printing will once again be relevant and affordable in our modern society?  
    Jim Ladd