Lexmark Issues New (Bogus) Return Program For Empty Cartridges

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Lexmark Issues New (Bogus) Return Program For Empty Cartridges

 user 2014-04-22 at 10:33:28 am Views: 230
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    Lexmark Issues New Return Program For Empty Cartridges
    Program Terms and Conditions

    Lexmark Return Program Cartridges offer a significant discount below regularly priced cartridges (sold without restrictions) in exchange for the purchaser's agreement to use the cartridges only once and to return them only to Lexmark for remanufacturing or recycling.

    Regular cartridges are available for those customers who do not choose the Lexmark Return Program Cartridge.

    In a manner similar to the way most software is provided, patented Lexmark Return Program Cartridges are packaged with a Lexmark license/agreement. Opening the carton or using the cartridge signifies the user's agreement to the use once and return the empty cartridge conditions of the license agreement. The license conditions are an essential part of the Lexmark Return Program Cartridge offering. For this discounted price, the user agrees that this cartridge will be used once only and the empty cartridge returned to Lexmark. The empty cartridge should be returned to Lexmark at no cost using the prepaid information supplied with each Return Program Cartridge.

    To facilitate appropriate recycling of empty Lexmark print cartridges, Lexmark strongly encourages consumers to use the Lexmark Cartridge Collection Program, our easy, no-cost method for returning empty Lexmark cartridges to Lexmark.