Paperless Document Company Seeks Nationwide Distribution Partners

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Paperless Document Company Seeks Nationwide Distribution Partners

 user admin 2014-06-24 at 1:10:50 pm Views: 624
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    Paperless Document Company Seeks Nationwide Distribution Partners

    TROY, Mich., June 20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Complete Data Products (CDP), the leader in paperless office technology, is now seeking distributors to help financial institutions become more efficient and productive. CDP products range from email receipts, text receipts, and e-signature services to encryption, e-teller and anti-spam solutions.

    The key drivers fueling the growth of paperless service are cost savings and enhanced profitability, as well as compliance and enhanced service for their clients. Statements are available sooner, transactions are searchable, and the risk of identity theft is decreased.

    "Our solutions help create customer-focused and cost-efficient banking centers. Many institutions are going paperless to not only manage both the top and bottom line, they are also doing it to better manage an evolving regulatory environment," said Neal Doshi, CDP, co-managing partner. "The right paperless solution will reduce cost while improving compliance and the overall customer experience."

    CDP's newest product, CDP Text Receipts, for example, provides banking clients with secure, paperless text receipt options. Doshi noted, "We developed this product based on the popularity of texting as a preferred method of communication, combined with the ease of not requiring a password. The number one complaint about any type of online communication is the need to remember yet another username and password combination. With our text solution, security is built-in."

    To learn more, potential distribution partners are encouraged to visit:, call 800-869-0493, or email

    Complete Data Products Inc. (CDP) is the leader in paperless document management solutions, electronic receipts, and secure, encrypted digital signature technology in southeast Michigan. CDP offers custom professional services such as email encryption, backup and disaster recovery, and custom laser and thermal print solutions as well as printed and promotional products. With a focus on continually improving efficiency and paperless workflow processes, CDP keeps companies compliant and ahead of the curve.

    SOURCE Complete Data Products Inc.