Hp Now Offering Sexual Reassignment Surgery For Employees

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Hp Now Offering Sexual Reassignment Surgery For Employees

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    Hp Now Offering Sexual Reassignment Surgery For Employees
    HP and the Power of Many
    Every individual has something important Policy and Harassment-Free Work to contribute, and diverse backgrounds bring diverse perspectives.

    HP fosters a positive, productive work environment, one based on pride, trust, and mutual respect, where exceptional people can flourish. Our Human Rights and Labor Policy commits us to fair treatment of all employees, and HP’s Open Door Policy promotes open communications, allowing each person’s voice to be heard.

    There’s power in our differences, and strength in bringing together men and women of different nations, cultures, ethnic groups, sexual orientations, generations, backgrounds, and skills.

    Throughout the world, we are putting our differences to work to connect everyone to the power of technology in the marketplace, workplace, and community. By doing this, we create solutions that reflect the ever-changing fabric of the global community in which we live. We are also proud to be pioneers in the quest for LGBT workplace equality. HP was one of the first companies to start an Employee Resource Group (ERG) specifically for its LGBT employees over thirty years ago,inspiring a movement that has grown to include ERGs at many companies and the Out & Equal Workplace Summit.

    HP provides a wide range of benefits for the domestic partners of our employees, and the company’s Nondiscrimination Policy and Harassment-Free Work Environment Policy both include sexual orientation and gender identity/ expression. HP has also developed a Gender Identity/Expression Toolkit to assist managers in discussions with employees and to actively foster an inclusive workplace. In addition, we offer progressive benefit coverage for our LGBT employees, including tax equity and sexual reassignment surgery.

    But don’t just believe us. HP has consistently been awarded a 100% rating on the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Corporate Equality Index in recognition of policies, practices, and benefits related to the treatment of LGBT employees.

    Creating a diverse, inclusive environment has been an ongoing journey of continuous action for many years, guided by deeply held values. Our diversity vision today is one of global proportions that requires courageous, bold actions from many people throughout the world. Both directly and through events such as Out & Equal, we are proud to share what we have learned along the way. Because the full power of our people fuels our success.

    HP was one of the first companies to start an Employee Resource Group
    (ERG) specifically for its LGBT employees over thirty years ago.