Static Control Releases Statement Regarding Hp Vs. Datel Holdings

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Static Control Releases Statement Regarding Hp Vs. Datel Holdings

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    Static Control Releases Statement  Regarding Hp Vs. Datel Holdings
    HP Accuses Datel Holdings of Scheme to Provide Trade Secrets to Clone Makers

    Sanford, N.C. – (June 30, 2014) – Static Control stands proudly behind the innovative and patented technologies they have developed in order to offer replacement chips for HP® ink jet cartridges without breaching the intellectual property of the OEM.

    The $30 million lawsuit HP filed against Datel Holdings on June 23 further validates the value and importance of investing in reverse engineering and respect for intellectual property. In the official complaint, HP claims that Datel schemed to misappropriate trade secrets involving the master key codes on ink jet chips, allowing Datel to develop non-genuine chips for use on cartridges.

    “We don’t scheme at Static Control. We don’t misappropriate. We develop our chip technology in-house. We manufacture our chips in-house. We understand the importance of knowing your supply chain, and that’s why we do it ourselves. We are our supply chain,” said Bryan Bonacum, Vice President of North American Sales. “We stand by our products and will be happy to answer questions about our products or process.”

    He continued, “You can’t just look at a chip and see the IP that is involved. You can’t see the difference between respectfully reverse-engineered technology and technology that has been developed illegally. That’s why it comes down to knowing and trusting your chip supplier. HP alleges chip companies who sell to clones got their technology from Datel. I think remanufacturers need to ask themselves who Datel Holdings was involved with and how much they really know about the chips they purchase.”

    Bonacum added, “HP has been vigorously defending their IP. At Static Control, we respect the intellectual property of OEMs and protect our own innovations through patents. Cases like this are good for the aftermarket if it helps rid the industry of patent infringing products and clone cartridges.”

    Static Control has long advocated the importance of knowing the supply chain of products to avoid patent and IP infringement.

    “Ask for it in writing that they developed the technology and reverse-engineered their own chips. We will gladly do that,” Bonacum said. “It is truly shocking that after all this time and all the lawsuits there are still companies that do not respect the IP of others.”


    Static Control is the largest manufacturer of aftermarket imaging systems and components supporting genuine cartridge remanufacturers within the global laser and ink jet industry. Sales and distribution facilities are located worldwide. Research, development, engineering and manufacturing as well as global distribution are located at Static Control’s world headquarters in Sanford, North Carolina, USA. Static Control manufactures in-house more than 10,000 imaging products and offers a product catalog of more than 14,000 imaging products to the aftermarket industry.

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