Google's New Program Pushes for Paperless Education

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Google's New Program Pushes for Paperless Education

 user admin 2014-08-19 at 10:53:51 am Views: 280
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    Google's New Program Pushes for Paperless Education
    By katie Nelson

    Google launched a new tool Tuesday designed to help teachers communicate more effectively with students as part of its Apps for Education suite.

    Google Classroom is a resource similar to learning management systems like Canvas. It allows students to submit assignments via Google Drive and see when homework is due. Teachers are also able to leave comments and feedback on turned-in work, as well as post general announcements.

    The program is available in 42 languages and is mobile-friendly. It was previewed in beta beginning May 6 but will now be accessible to anyone in the global education system, public or private. Google is still gradually rolling out the program, so some users will need to check back periodically to see if they have access.

    Below is a preview of what a typical Classroom page looks like:


    Google Classroom screenshot


    The entire Apps for Education suite is free, but users have to register with a school code to use Classroom. Educators or students interested in getting their schools registered can apply here.