Hp Indonesia Reported To Authorities For Taking Advantage of Workers

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Hp Indonesia Reported To Authorities For Taking Advantage of Workers

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    Hp Indonesia Reported To Authorities For Taking Advantage of  600 Workers
    HP to be reported to KPPU for disadvantaging local workers
    The Jakarta Post, Jakarta

    The management of PT Kusumomegah Jayasakti will report PT Hewlett-Packard (PT HP) Indonesia to the Business Competition Supervisory Commission (KPPU) on allegations that the Indonesian branch of the US-based information and communication technology (IT) company has disadvantaged workers in Indonesia.

    "In Jakarta alone, the firm has disadvantaged 600 workers. This excludes workers in other regions, " PT Kusumomegah Jayasakti director Giri said in Jakarta on Friday as quoted by kompas.com.

    Giri added that PT HP Indonesia had taken a partial decision that disadvantaged PT Kusumomegah Jayasakti as the authorized distributors of HP products in the archipelago in September 2012.

    PT Kusumomegah Jayasakti has a 65 percent market share for HP products.

    "We are hoping that foreign companies do not treat local companies unfairly," he said.

    Meanwhile, PT Kusumomegah Jayasakti lawyer Yopis Peternalis said that the company won a lawsuit against PT HP Indonesia at the South Jakarta District Court on Tuesday this week.

    PT Kusumomegah Jayasakti had filed a lawsuit against PT HP Indonesia representative Subin Joseph, an Indian citizen, on May 8, 2013.

    A panel of judges of the South Jakarta District Court decided in favor of PT Kusumomegah Jayasakti in its lawsuit against PT HP Indonesia, finding that the IT company had violated the law.

    The judges demanded that PT HP pay Rp 159 billion (US$13.51 million) in compensation to PT Kusumomegah Jayasakti for violating article 1365 of the Criminal Code (KUHP). (nfo)