Who is TonerEmporium.com?

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Who is TonerEmporium.com?

 user admin 2014-09-18 at 11:13:34 am Views: 204
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    Who is  TonerEmporium.com?
    Toner Emporium Launches New Website to Provide Consumers with Compatibles
    Toneremporium.com reports customers want value for their money and believes free shipping and 100% guarantee on all products provides this value

    Toneremporium.com reports customers want value for their money and believes free shipping and 100% guarantee on all products provides this value

    Nashville, TN — – 09/17/2014 — Toner Emporium (www.toneremporium.com) launches a new site, one offering toner compatibles, rather than refills. Refills tend to break, thanks to the process used to add ink to cartridges, and breakage frequently leads to printer damage. With compatibles, consumers never need worry about this being an issue. In addition, the site offers free shipping on all orders to the continental United States and a 100% guarantee. If a product doesn't work as intended, the company replaces it for free.

    "Money remains tight in many households and businesses, and consumers continuously look for ways to cut costs. Many turned to ink cartridge refills in an effort to save money, only to find it costs them in the long run, as the refill cartridge broke, damaging their printer and leading to the need to purchase a new device. With compatibles, consumers no longer need to worry about printer damage due to breakage," Michael Cocan, spokesperson for Toner Emporium, declares.

    Laser toner comes in four varieties. Some opt to purchase off-brand cartridges, as they tend to be very similar to name-brand versions, manufactured using many brand name parts and components. Others elect to purchase brand new, spending a great deal of money in the process, and some end up purchasing toner refill cartridges, risking damage to their printer.

    Compatibles solve all of these problems. Compatible manufacturers avoid using any patented items, as they respect the rights of the patent holder. Toner Emporium does not manufacture parts or components that are protected under patent law. Instead, the company makes the toner cartridge using high quality parts, ensuring the cartridge offers the same structural integrity as its name brand counterparts, yet makes the cartridge completely from scratch, Cocan explains. The risk of breakage and/or failure drops to that seen with brand name cartridges, yet consumers save a great deal of money as no patented parts, which cost more, are used.

    For those customers who use a great deal of toner, Toner Emporium offers bulk order pricing. Consumers purchasing 20 or more cartridges find they save on their toner needs, and any combination of cartridges may be used for this purpose. Toner Emporium works to ensure clients don't have to settle for less than the best when it comes to their ink purchases, and bulk order pricing is one way they do so.

    "Clients want value for their money and Toner Emporium remains committed to providing this value. Bulk order pricing offers one way for consumers to save, with the 100% guarantee and free shipping in the continental United States being others. Contact Toner Emporium today to learn how the company can be of assistance with any and all toner needs. Doing so saves time, money, and hassle in the short and long run," Cocan proclaims.

    About Toner Emporium
    Toner Emporium provides consumers with compatibles, brand new toner cartridges (not refills), believing compatibles offer better quality at an affordable price. The risk of breakage decreases significantly when one uses a compatible, and the company offers free shipping on all orders along with a 100% guarantee on all products sold. Consumers want value for their money, and Toner Emporium remains committed to providing this value, yet doesn't cut corners in other areas. Shipping times range at most from three to five business days, although it typically only takes two to three days, so consumers have the products they want and need in a short period of time.