China's Print-Rite Unveils 3 New CoLiDo Desktop 3D Printers

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China's Print-Rite Unveils 3 New CoLiDo Desktop 3D Printers

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    Print-Rite Unveils 3 New CoLiDo Desktop 3D Printers

    Immediate Release – Union Technology International (MCO) Co. Ltd., the master global distributor of Print-Rite Union Image Products Company (Pint-Rite), is pleased to announce Print-Rite is to unveil the product roadmap of the CoLiDoTM Desktop 3D Printer.

    Print-Rite has launched the CoLiDoTM Desktop 3D Printer at the beginning of this year which gains wide recognition in the market. Sustaining Print-Rite’s DNA of leading an innovation, Print-Rite has announced a series of new models to showcase the commitment in R&D.


    Features Highlights

    CoLiDo 2.0 3D Printer

    Upgraded operating system for quick startup and ease of use

    Duo 1.0 3D Printer

    Creative design of using 2 nozzles, 2 different materials and 2 different colors

    CoLiDo X3045

    Make print object bigger than ever with stable print performance

    CoLiDoTM Desktop 3D Printer range allows the creation of 3D shape and structures that were not previously feasible. Designers and hobbyists can now enjoy a new industrial age with CoLiDoTM Desktop 3D Printer of which they no longer need factories ad assembly lines to produce many prototypes and items either at the office or home.

    “Print-Rite is the pioneer launching the 3D printer with over 10 patents granted; our CoLiDoTM Desktop 3D Printer range brings reliable, stable and precision model for wide applications especially for designer and engineers.” said Philip So, Director and Chief for new product development of PR. Meanwhile, the company has developed in-house on the software, controller board and firmware which gains full control of quality. CoLiDoTM Desktop 3D Printer can produce high precision with resolution at 0.1mm in low noise level. CoLiDoTM Desktop 3D Printer has reflected the combination of Print-Rite‘s commitment to R&D,in-house production capability on print electronic board, firmware and print head.

    CoLiDoTM Desktop 3D Printer range complies with CE and FCC specification that confirms CoLiDoTM Desktop 3D Printer is free from toxic or hazardous materials and meets US safety standard for sales in the US market. CoLiDoTM Desktop 3D Printer passed the China National Quality Supervising Test for Consumables of Printing and Office Automation and met the requirement of Enterprise Standard and product specifications.

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    About UTec

    UTec is a global supplier of high quality printer consumables and offers an extensive range of remanufactured and compatible products for use in laser printers, multifunction machines, copiers, inkjet printers and dot matrix printers. In addition to mono products, UTec offers supreme color products with OEM-equivalent quality to meet customers’ needs. We are at the forefront of innovation with strong capability in R&D and a portfolio of around 2,200 registered patents. For more information, please visit