Hp's New Smart Watch Is Affordable At $349

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Hp's New Smart Watch Is Affordable At $349

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    Hp's New Smart Watch Is Affordable At $349
    HP Smartwatch Release Date: MB Chronowing Is A Classic-Looking Timepiece That Shows Notifications From iPhone And Android Smartphones

    By Sanna Chu

    The HP smartwatch release date this week gives consumers yet another smartwatch option in time for the holidays. The MB Chronowing was designed by 2011 CFDA Menswear Designer of the Year winner Michael Bastian, engineered by Hewlett-Packard and goes on sale on Gilt.com this Friday, Nov. 7. The wearable, which costs $349, would be perfect for those wanting a smartwatch that looks like a luxury men’s watch rather than a smartwatch.

    Unlike other smart wristwatches currently on sale or about to go on sale, HP smartwatch is a watch first and a smartwatch second. It doesn’t have a touchscreen display or microphone but it does display notifications from a wearer’s BlueTooth connected iPhone 4s and later or any Android smartphone running 4.3 and higher. The MB Chronowing is made of stainless steel and comes with three interchangeable bands in brown leather, olive nylon and black rubber.

    HP's smartwatch is basically a classic timepiece displaying notifications from your iPhone or Android smartphone. The MB Chronowing displays email, text, calendar and social media notifications but you can filter them to show only what you want to see. The smart device auto syncs to any time zone, shows weather and you can set it up to display stock information or sport updates.

    Water resistant, the HP smartwatch allows wearers to control their music by adjusting volume and switching tracks directly from their wrists. Since it doesn’t have a color LCD touchscreen display like other smartwatches, it can last up to a week on a single charge. Other smartwatches like the Moto 360 and Samsung Galaxy Gear have one-day battery life and the upcoming Apple Watch is expected to need nightly charging.

    “So why haven’t you bought a smartwatch?”, Bastian asks in the video introducing the new HP smartwatch. “If you’re like me it’s because you couldn’t find one that actually looked and felt like a watch. That’s why I took it into my own hands to redefine the classic timepiece.”

    The HP smartwatch at $349 is more expensive than most other Android smartwatches priced around $200 but it’s cheaper than most luxury watches. It has a similar starting price for the Apple Watch, which might not be available until Spring 2015. However, for those who can’t wait or need to buy a smartwatch for Christmas, the MB Chronowing could be a good option. You can sign up now to receive an update from Gilt.com when the sale goes live in less than three days.  
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