MSE Now Offers Postage Supplies

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MSE Now Offers Postage Supplies

 user admin 2014-11-13 at 10:55:07 am Views: 198
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    MSE Now Offers Postage Supplies

    VAN NUYS, Calif. – Micro Solutions Enterprises (MSE), a global leader in high-quality aftermarket imaging supplies, announces that it now carries a full line of superior quality NuPost® and EcoPost® postage supplies for use in Pitney Bowes, Neopost, Hasler and other postage meters.

    Postage meters have been in offices worldwide for over 100 years. They are still requirements in many industries such as law firms, medical clinics, insurance offices and any business that must use the postal service to communicate, invoice, pay bills or deliver important documents and parcels.

    MSE now proudly offers a broad selection of inks, supporting ninety percent of the installed base.

    MSE’s partner has over 10 years of experience in ink formulation and the manufacture of postage meter supplies. The state-of-the-art manufacturing processes ensure that the products offer the only true alternative to the OEM.

    Says Luke Goldberg, Senior VP, MSE: “This is an early sign of some the positives derived from our merger with Clover Technologies Group. We promised product line diversity and we are delivering. This is the first of many additions, offering great dealer margins and excellent quality.”

    The MSE postage supplies also undergo extensive product testing and are the only aftermarket postage product approved by the U.S. Postal Service.

    The MSE postage products offer same day availability and come with a full warranty and technical support.

    Call your MSE rep to learn more about all the available products from MSE.

    About MSE

    Founded in 1994 by Yoel Wazana, MSE is the largest toner cartridge remanufacturer with all of its production facilities based in the U.S., and a leading-edge innovator in the marketplace. MSE pioneered the process of Intelligent Re-Engineering™, which employs patented technologies, proprietary processes, and stringent testing methodologies that result in the market’s best alternative to high-cost OEM print consumables. For 20 years, Yoel and Avi Wazana have been committed to home grown innovation, brand development and providing quality and value to the dealer community. MSE has sales and distribution in Canada, Europe (UK, Spain and the Netherlands), United Arab Emirates, South Africa, California, and Pennsylvania.