Toshiba Singapore Launches Erasable Paper MFP Printer In Bangladesh

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Toshiba Singapore Launches Erasable Paper MFP Printer In Bangladesh

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    Toshiba Singapore Launches Erasable Paper MFP Printer In  Bangladesh
    Toshiba Singapore, a subsidiary of Japanese Toshiba Corporation, yesterday unveiled four new products in Dhaka in association with its Bangladeshi partner International Office Machines (IOM).

    The products—an eco-friendly multifunctional peripheral (MFP), a multi interactive system, a barcode printer and a point-of-sale system—were showcased at the event “game changer”, at The Westin hotel.

    A digital multifunction copier, the MFP is the world's first eco-friendly system that can erase text and images printed on conventional paper, said Rezaul Karim, director of IOM, a leading business automation solution provider. “It helps companies reuse papers up to five times and cut carbon emissions by up to 57 percent.”

    The system is also capable of capturing documents and electronically store it in different locations before erasing the text from the paper, he said.
    The price of the system is Tk 8.50 lakh with one year warranty, he said.

    The multi interactive system with a 70-inch touch display is specially designed for meetings, trainings, education programmes and advertising, as it integrates the benefits of a whiteboard and a digital television, said Ahamad Ikram, product management manager of Toshiba Singapore.  

    The system allows the user to collect information from various sources and simultaneously store them, which can be accessed or shared or can be sent to any network printer, Ikram said.

    The interactive system with one year warranty is priced at Tk 8.30 lakh, he said.
    The point-of-sales system along with IOM Retail POS software, the first venture of IOM into software business, is designed for the local retail market, said Iqbal Mahmood, business unit manager of IOM.

    The system gives users a complete solution for sales, payment, reporting and inventory management, he said. “It can analyse multi data.”

    The barcode printer is an easy to use and cost-effective solution, he said.
    Compared with the currently available Toshiba B-EV4 series, the latest barcode printer—B-FV4—is 13 percent faster for label printing and 8 percent faster for batch printing, he said. “Its lightweight design makes it easy to carry.”

    Toshiba Singapore is involved in sales and marketing of visual and household consumer products, personal computers, electronic imaging products and hard disk drives.
    The firm was founded in 1974 and has 210 employees with an annual sales turnover of $545 million.