Is Ricoh Uk Really Telling The Truth?

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Is Ricoh Uk Really Telling The Truth?

 user admin 2014-11-13 at 11:47:57 am Views: 225
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    Is Ricoh Uk Really Telling The Truth?
    Tonernews: Sorry Ricoh for our skepticism but we have many articles on Tonernews showing constant layoffs in plants all over the Uk over the years, we hope that you honor your word and do hire people in that area and that this is not a press release stunt ahead of your companies earnings report?

    Jobs joy in big investment at Ricoh factory in Telford
    Ricoh has revealed a multi-million pound investment in its Telford plant that will bring new jobs and secure the future of 700 staff.

    It has built a new customer experience centre and smart factory at its Priorslee base, which will be used to show off products to foreign investors.

    Telford won the right to host the venture over other centres in European cities such as Barcelona and Dusseldorf. The move is seen as a huge vote of confidence in the landmark factory, which sits alongside the M54.

    Ricoh moved into the production printing market in 2007, when it started assembling machinery for printers at its Telford headquarters, and has now stepped up its presence in the field with the opening of its new facility.

    The exact sum invested has not been revealed, but amounts to million of pounds.

    The company also says it will bring “tens” of jobs to the town over the course of the programme.

    “There has been and will be additional jobs, but we are at the very beginning of a multi-million pound investment programme,” said Tim Webber, the Telford-based executive director of Ricoh UK Products.

    “The employees can see the investment in the Telford plant, and it has given them a lot more confidence in the future, that Ricoh is investing significant amounts of money in the Telford plant. They are encouraged by what they see from this centre.

    “We are really excited about this project, because it is breathing new life into the factory. We have gone through quite a significant change over the past year or so, and this is a really positive direction for the factory.”

    Graham Moore, director of business development for Ricoh Europe, added: “We considered a number of locations all around Europe, but chose Telford because of the long-standing competence there is here, the engineering capability, the partnerships and knowledge we have developed going back to 2007. Perhaps above all it’s about the synergy we can gain in a shared manufacturing facility.”

    The new facility includes a customer briefing centre, and a research and development centre. It will provide a working environment for customers in Britain, Europe, the Middle East and Africa to see equipment in which they intend to invest in action.

    The official opening of the centre, which will complement another in Boulder, Colorado, also coincided with the launch of new pieces of machinery to be built by Ricoh, including one printer worth more than £1 million.