Uk's Frillo Aqcuires Claughtons Stationery & Supplies

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Uk's Frillo Aqcuires Claughtons Stationery & Supplies

 user admin 2014-11-20 at 11:14:08 am Views: 250
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    Uk's Frillo Aqcuires Claughtons Stationery & Supplies
    Hull B2B office products retailer acquires stationary firm

    Hull-based online B2B office products retailer, Frillo has recently expanded its operations by purchasing Claughtons Stationery & Supplies.

    Frillo hopes to grow in a new marketplace and expand its customer base in Hull and East Yorkshire with the help of the newly-acquired Claughtons Stationery & Supplies team.
    The Frillo team
    The Frillo team

    Described as an ‘Amazon for Business’, Frillo is expanding its unique marketplace that aims to simplify purchasing for businesses, while saving them time and money, so they can concentrate on what they do best.

    The well-established team at Claughtons Stationery & Supplies is now operating under the Frillo name. Frillo plans to grow this side of the business and expand this team, which in turn will create more job opportunities in the area.

    Gerard Toplass, Frillo’s founder and CEO, comments: “By acquiring Claughtons Stationery & Supplies, Frillo now has one of the best, most established teams in this sector in the area to help us expand our unique ‘Amazon for Business’ proposition.

    “With over 100,000 products and services, Frillo offers more than any other supplier in the area, so this move is a massive opportunity to give existing and new customers access to more choice when they’re buying their products and choosing their services.

    “We’re really looking forward to expanding the team, growing our business and building on our customer base in Hull and East Yorkshire.“

    Sales account manager, Karen Turner said:  “Now that we’ve moved to Frillo it’s a really exciting opportunity to offer our customers a better, more convenient way to buy all the products they need in one place.

    “We’ve contacted our existing customers about the changeover to Frillo, reassuring them that the team they’ve been dealing with for over two years will be exactly the same, and we’ll be giving the same excellent levels of customer service we’re well known for.

    "The feedback we’ve had from our customers about the Frillo changeover has been extremely positive.“